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In the current competitive market customers are not only concerned with the quality and value of goods and services provided but also the manner in which they are treated. Customer service which is established from high standards of hospitality is more than providing quality products to the customers on time. A factor such as responding to customer’s complaints is important in developing trust and retaining clients in the long run. Excellent services to the customers must be upheld as a core element in a company’s operations (Goonan, 2009).

There are steps that should be followed in ensuring that excellent customer service is provided. These steps include; making the objective of excellent customer service provision a crucial commitment to everyone in the company. This is done through creating a written policy and posting it in a conspicuous position.

State clearly what the customer service actions entails for example; quick delivery of services, provision of reliable products’ information and polite character when serving the customers. Also setting a benchmark for customer service provision and rewarding those employees that meet them is important (International Society for Performance Improvement, 2003).

The other strategy to maintaining an excellent customer service is to create an environment that facilitates communication with the customers. This will enable the company to know what exactly is wanted by the customers. This can be done by requesting feedback on quality of products and shopping experience from the customers. Thanking the customers for shopping and communicating should also be practiced.

The staff that is in contact with the customers should be enlightened on the importance of being polite and listening to customers under all circumstances. The staff should also be taught on how to reduce stress and resolve conflict. Training staff on good language to customers that will show them their needs will be met is also vital. Staff are required to accept responsibility and be willing to apologize to customers when need be.

Arguments with the customer should be avoided as much as possible. The company should also be keen in ensuring that they have kept their word regarding delivery of products. The exact products should be delivered on the right time as agreed with the customer. The company should also treat their employees well who in turn will treat the customers well (Walker, 2009).


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