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Stephen Grover Cleveland was born in Caldwell New Jersey on March 18th of 1837, and spent some of his childhood years living in upstate New York. He was the 5th child born of him and his 8 siblings. His father was the Presbyterian minister and passed away when Grover was only 16 years old.  To his friends he was known as “Big Steve” on account he weighed over 250 pounds. He could not attend college in order to help support his family. He spent some time working with his older brother involving Special Education but soon became interested in the law. He started practicing law at the age 22, as a lawyer in Buffalo New York. In 1870 he was elected sheriff of Erie county, but only held this position for 3 years until he went back to studying the law. Later he was elected the mayor of Buffalo and then the Governor of New York. In 1884 Grover ran against  James G. Blaine and won. He was the first democrat elected after the Civil War. In June of 1886, Grover married a 21 year old woman named Frances Folsom. Their age difference was 27 years, she was the youngest first lady, and he was the only president to get married in the white house. In 1888 Grover ran for presidency to serve a second term and lost to his opponent Benjamin Harrison. Grover had more majority votes but had fewer electoral votes. Harrison served a full term of four years. In 1892 he ran again against Harrison and this time he won. Grover was facing a great depression. He served as president during The Panic of 1893 . He was more concerned with the panic of 1893 that he did not do his part in trying to take care of business failures, farm foreclosures and unemployment. When railroad workers went on strike he sent the entire U.S. army to fix the problem. Grover lived to have 5 kids, three of them were born between his two terms and the others were born during his second term. Stephen Grover Cleveland or “Big Steve” as his friends knew him, served as president from 1885-1889, and 1893-1897. Just after being retired for 11 years Cleveland died in 1908. He was living in New jersey at the time of his death.  


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