Statistics preferable and sustainable life (for the

     Statistics show the urbanizationwhich consequent either by the population migration from rural spaces to citiesin order to obtain a preferable and sustainable life (for the sake of medicalcare, education, jobs, etc.) or by themigration from the destructive ( poor ) countries to a better one. The expandedurbanization demands a recent mode and methods, creative, to governance theintricacy of the cities life: (Extra cities, sources and energy exhaustion,environment preservation, and managing the resources, etc.)    Due to this, the urban and cities have to become smarter and led tooccur a huge city which is called megacities in order to accommodate the vastpopulation.

     Aquick glance at the terminology that synonyms the phrase (smart city ) withtheir respective and brief definition:-1-                 “Smart City”promote the workability, and sustaining livability of the city by employing theinformation and communication technology.2-                 “Digital City” isthe other most public and common expression used for the term of the smart city at the end of the last century inthe late 90s behind the information and communication technology’sdevelopments, in especially between ( 1996-1999 ), the term Digital City wascalled European Digital City in Europe.     However, theterm “Digital City” gradually declined and superseded by the modern term “smartcity”, which mixed the elements of the internet technology developments, andalso urban planning and developments of the society.3-                 “Sustainable City”is the term appeared in 1950 in the field of sustainable development whichexplained the delineation to make a contingency solution for limiting andbordering the climate changes.

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4-                 “Eco-Cities” appearedin the middle of the 90s by a funded group-urban Ecology in California. Theirmain aims were developing the urban in a balance with nature.5-                 “Future Cities” isa manifest in the starting 2009, which linked the urbanization with energy,information technology, ecology, engineering, civil constructions, traditionalthinking, and the urban planning.

 Continuously, there are many tools andcharacteristics that utilize the definition of the smart city which describe in figure 2.      LiteratureReview:    Asit mentioned before, smart cities had appeared in both developed and developingcountries, and smart cities became the mainfeature of assessing the development of cities and new good solution methodwere also used to solve the cities exponential and development. The appearanceof smart cities in both developed and developing countries are sometimes seen as unsuccessful. In thispaper, the reason will be discussed in smart cities establishment. Also, this paper will describe smart cityinvestment, and employ the principles asexisting cities and construct new cities.


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