Statement completing my 12th standard, I also

Statement of PurposeAnish [email protected] am applying to King Abdullah University for Science & Technology (KAUST) for admissionto the Visiting Student Research Programme (VSRP) with hope to work on the research projecttitled ‘Machine Learning based Channel estimation in V2V communication’ supervised by Prof.

Tareq Al-Naffouri. My research interests lie in the field of Wireless Communication. To be moreprecise, I am interested in Cognitive Radio, Dynamic Spectrum Allocation, Channel Estimation,etc. Other areas of interest are Design of Microstrip Antennas, Digital Communications & DigitalSignal Processing. My long-term goal is to be associated with the research groups that are leadingthe communication technology to the new era. I want to learn and eventually be able to teach theareas I love. More experience in the said fields would be a crucial first step to achieve this goal.The next step would be applying for Master’s programmes in Fall 2019 and follow my passion forbeing a full-fledged researcher.

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I grew up watching my elder brother being the top of his class always and fixing up modems,working with Atmega and showing temperature in small LCD screens. He also did his B.Tech inElectronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), and he is the one who made me passionateabout this field. After completing my 12th standard, I also opted for B.

Tech in ECE at NationalInstitute of Technology Durgapur and never looked back. Throughout the three years, my interesthas grown exponentially.At the start of my B.

Tech Degree, I did a vocational training on advanced telecommunicationorganised by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). That is the first time I was exposed tothe magnificent world of communication engineering. I learned about Digital Switching, MobileCommunication, Intelligent Network, Next-Gen Networks, Optical Fibers for two weeks with activelab work. My increasing interest in research led me to take part in innovation competitions in IITBombay, visit Japan for a telecommunication themed programme representing our country and doa summer internship in the reputed Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.My B.Tech project is ‘Implementation of Relay Hopper Model for Reliable Communication ofIoT Devices in LTE Environment through D2D Link’. We are investigating how radio resources canbe allocated to IoT devices in LTE environment when they are LTE compatible.

We are using theDevice-to-Device capability of 3gpp standard to provide a connection between IoT gateway (a typeof data concentrator) and IoT devices. By using the concept of relays and Quality of Service (QoS)based restrictions, we have been able to increase the effective coverage and also the link reliabilities.We are on the way to propose a novel scheme, quantifying these results. This guided project workhas given me a good understanding of the wireless networks and its challenges.

I am quite confidentthat I will be able to contribute if I am one of the selected candidates.I have decided to apply for the summer internship in KAUST because by working under theguidance of your distinguished researchers I am positive of making original contributions in the fieldof Wireless Communications. I have also been impressed by the technical resources available atKAUST for research and the international atmosphere that can give valuable exposure. KAUSTis one of the few institutes that is solely focused on research and one of the top institutes globally. Reading the experiences of the past interns on Quora made me determined to get into theprogramme. The research project that I am opting for is also very closely related to my final yearproject where I investigated D2D communications using MATLAB, and I would be honoured toget some new perspective from the top researchers in this field.

Taking all these into consideration,I believe that KAUST is the best place to pursue a research internship and it will open up newavenues for the fulfilment of my passion.It would be a pleasure to continue my current research focus at KAUST under their supervision.At the same time, I am sure that it would be equally impressive to work on the research problemspursued by the KAUST researchers. 


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