STATEMENT engineers are the doers. Computer science has

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE(Modified Version)I have always wanted to become an engineer because I believe that in a world of thinkers, engineers are the doers. Computer science has transformed our lives.

It has connected the whole world into a Cybervillage, helping us tackle problems of humungous proportions. The technological and computing revolution drastically changed our lives and potentially redefine what it means to be human. With its rapidity, it has pushed the frontier of the problems that we as humans have attempted to solve. I am very excited at the prospect of devoting my long-term career to such a dynamic and fast advancing field.Aspiring to be a social technopreneur, I envision to uplift the daily living conditions of people through technology.

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I have a burning desire to expand my knowledge and delve deeper into the core concepts of computer science, machine learning, and data mining. At this juncture, I feel that my educational exposure coupled with the opportunities arising out of tremendous industrialization have reinforced my goals and have developed a keen desire in me to pursue my master’s course in Computer Science from your University, which I believe would equip me with comprehensive and specialized skills as an outcome of rigorous training in all aspects of computer systems. (This is a great sentence but it’s also a run-on.

Try separating it into different sentences and it’ll sound much better.)Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed dabbling with computers and experimenting with different applications. The first time when I was introduced to a smartphone, my fascination towards how so many features could be enabled in a small hand-held pocket device inspired me to examine and understand what happens behind the scene. When I was first introduced to the concepts of C programming, the profundity and logic behind every piece of code amazed me. I have been zealous to explore new concepts in programming and algorithms ever since. That was around the same time when I had to opt for my under-graduation stream and had to make the crucial decision that would shape my career. My choice was information technology.

While pursuing my under graduation, I have acquired a thorough knowledge in many subjects including data structures, network programming, operating systems, machine learning and data analytics. I also have a good understanding of sequential and object-oriented programming paradigms in C, C++, and JAVA. Out of personal interest, I undertook my first ever mini project named “Invigilation Scheduler” along with my friends and developed a fully functional interface that handles schedules for invigilation duties and to the respective faculty member. By doing this project, I got to know what it takes to complete a full-fledged project with an exquisite design and throughput. This also gave me hands-on experience working with databases using MySQL and ORACLE APACHE server and solving the issues raised. In this project, we programmed frontend in HTML, JSP, and CSS.

For linking the database with the UPI designed we used JDBC. We got a lot of appreciation for this project and our college management is using this UPI now when scheduling invigilation duties.  I found the concepts of learning and inferring from data introduced in machine learning course very intriguing and relevant in today’s data-driven society. This has motivated me to undertake my final year project titled “Lung Cancer Prediction Based on Machine Learning” where I have explored the efficacy of various machine learning algorithms in detecting tumors from images and text data using candidate elimination algorithm.In addition to coming up with a heavy academic workload, I also participated in various extra-curricular activities that have represented my college. I was the event coordinator for events in Pravah 2016, the flagship event of my undergrad university. I led a team of 90 members and we as a team made colorful banners to advertise about our event, sold tickets of participation, conducted the event, and made it a huge success with 4000+ participants.

Apart from attending the different symposium in my undergraduate university I also presented a paper in Youthfest-2k17 a National level technical, cultural & sports festival on 17th February 2017 at R.V.R.&J.

C. College of Engineering. I also attended LAKSHYA-2K16 which is a National level Technical & Cultural Fest held on 1st October 2016 at Lakireddy Balireddy College of Engineering and participated in Corporate Quiz event. Including these I have also attended a workshop on BIG DATA AND HADOOP in IIT Bombay Techfest held on 16th-18th December 2016. I also spent time helping my younger cousins in their academics. I have been proactive from my childhood and been playing Caroms and Badminton and participated in various tournaments at inter-school level. (These accomplishments all sounds great, but the sentences seem a tad choppy and wordy. Maybe try focusing on a few big accomplishments instead of listing them to help with the wordiness.

Also, I would say to use less sentences starting with “I” and use more connecting words or phrases in-between the sentences like “in addition”, “furthermore”, or etc. ~ I’ve attached a few pics at the end with different types of connecting phrases that you can use if you would like. I think the assay will flow and sound better if you use more of them throughout the paper, but try not to keep using the same ones because it can sound repetitive.)My ever-increasing passion for knowledge and my eagerness to learn new concepts have made me pursue my graduate course in computer science at your esteemed university. I aspire to utilize your umpteencenter for mathematics, science and engineering education and libraries to improve my knowledge base and work towards setting up my research activity. I find the graduate program curriculum is very impressive with a wide range of subject choices. I believe it strikes a right balance between theory and practice.

Especially, data mining, software engineering, and machine learning are my areas of interest. Moreover, I am keenly following the work of Professor Dr. Ajoy K. Datta and Laxmi Gewali in distributed computing and Analysis of Algorithms respectively. Therefore, I believe that University of Nevada Las Vegas will give me a great opportunity to interact with a vibrant international community and help me to augment my overall success and give me a distinct advantage in my career. Having made my goals and aspirations lucid, I hope you appreciate that a graduate study in your university will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuit. It would be a stepping-stone to higher echelons of academic researchers that I intend to pursue. I believe I have the necessary skills and will perform strongly in the graduate program at your esteemed university I aver that my talent will be utilized to its optimal best if I have an opportunity to be a part of the intellectually stimulating environment of your university.

(Maybe try adding a sentence here that talks about why and how you can bring benefits to the college also. That’ll show them that you are willing to be a good student contributor to the college. Show them that not only can the college benefit you but you can bring benefits to the college as well by bring new ideas and being a great addition to their student body. It’ll answer the question of why they should accept you.

) I shall persistently strive to do your institution proud. I eagerly look forward to a favorable outcome in my graduate program application at UNLV. Sincerely,Lakshmi Seshu Kalvakuri.(Not sure if you need to include this part.

I think it looks


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