STATEMENT of Things (IOT) leads me to

STATEMENT OF PURPOSEChange is far more profound than what we can sense. As Charles Darwin, the father of evolution said, “Change yourself to adapt to the change because one who adapts successfully to the changing stimulus is the one who can survive.” In this process of learning, I firmly attached to the innovative and smart solutions of the Internet of Things (IOT) leads me to find how the world is interconnected with one another.During my schooling, I always interested in learning something new and very enthusiastic to participate in Math oriented competitions. I had completed my 10th in Nagarjuna Merit High School with 95% and stood as topper of the school. I received a scholarship from Khamma Sanga (one of the local Organizations) for this achievement.

Besides academics, I grabbed every opportunity to explore my skills in mathematics and science and won Gold Medal in the International Math Olympiad, also won many prizes conducted by Vasavi club, Eenadu and many more. My childhood was marked by enjoyment and my active involvement in the number of wide-range activities: participation and volunteering in Inter-school competitions such as sketching, cycling, school-day celebrations, etc. at several instances.

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I had completed my 12th in Sri Chaitanya with an aggregate of 97.2% and stood as top 2% of my state. The confidence thus gained put me among the top 2% in EAMCET (Engineering and Medical Common Entrance Test), the prestigious Engineering entrance exam that was taken around 400,000 students. So, I stepped into Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College to fulfill my goal by taking up a bachelor’s degree under merit seat quota. Also, received a full waiver of my tuition expenses for my under-graduation.I opted for electronics and communication engineering during my bachelors for its versatility and a wide range of avenues it opens.

In this, gained a vast amount of knowledge in subjects like Communication, Digital signal processing, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, MATLAB and Software Programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, jQuery and some .NET (C#, VB, ASP, MVC) technologies where I engage my career. One of my biggest practical attempts was doing an Internship about the Internet of Things (IOT) with client Smart Bridge. Learning this, I did a project of Attendance Management using IOT during my third year to calculate the attendance of students and their percentage up to date on a web-based application.

Through this, administrators and students can access the attendance at any time. To explore in this platform, added one more assignment along with a fellow associate as Smart Shopping Cart to my curriculum during the following year. In this project, each product is associated with unique Radio-frequency Identification that will add up to the cart which avoids the long queue. With the checkout webpage, the total amount appears on the screen where the customer pays through secure and receives the purchased details through a web message and an email being sent to the customer. My other projects as part of my curriculum also included this area to quench my thirst.Doing an internship at Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) in Hyderabad, I learned about the electronics and electrical systems with the help of AutoCAD software; I experienced an organizational work environment by interacting with many scientists and hone my abilities to work in a group. Furthermore, I did another internship at South Central Railway (SCR) in Vijayawada; I directed towards safety properties which encode the control logic for railway interlocking. I was successful in proving its merits practically, and I believe in my attempts would make a good impression to discover new paths to overcome challenges and inspire my juniors in the department.

It was smooth sailing all through with respect to my academics and secured top 5% in the college. Along with the academics, I won the first prize in a technical quiz for a national fest conducted by one of another autonomous college, also secured second place in mind control robot organized by ark techno solutions in association with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. Also, I organized various events like poster presentation, quiz in national fest in my college and participated in several instances.

Apart from these, received a certificate from the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University for volunteering the best services in National Service Scheme (NSS). My engineering days molded me into a mature and professional person and I was recruited by India’s top and World’s 10th largest IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for the position of Assistant System Engineer. As I have mentioned, my interest in Information Technology came from the evolution of web services in service-oriented architecture, my interest became a passion. I wanted to explore more on the combination of Technical and Business processes and I am very much interested to do research in the areas of Web Technologies and Database Management Systems. I would like to supplement the long hours spent in the lab during my under-graduate program with further research in Management Information Systems area that I hope to pursue my graduate degree. I am confident that the distinguished faculty and excellent infrastructure in the University of Missouri – Kansas City will facilitate me to realize my dreams.

Thank you for the opportunity given to express myself.Sravani Mandadapu


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