STATEMENT years old, a Filipino citizen and

STATEMENT OF PURPOSETABLE OF CONTENTS AND DOCUMENTSCONTENTS• Personal Statement and Information• Niagara College, Course study and Curriculum• Financial Details• Student Obligations in Canada• Ties to the Philippines• ConclusionPersonal Statement and InformationI am Bonnibel G. Hermoso, 29 years old, a Filipino citizen and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in one of the known schools in Cebu City, Philippines, the Cebu Institute of Technology University. The school is known in the fields of Engineering and Nursing.

I graduated in October 2009 and started working in a nearby orphanage. I am currently working as a Nursing Aide in Orange Valley Nursing Home, one of the leading nursing homes in Singapore. Working here had helped me developed my skills in my chosen career.

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Also, I became capable of handling different temperament of people in a multiracial environment and typically stressful situations. To become a nurse would be to live my life doing something I am passionate about. I am a person who genuinely enjoys working directly with people. Caring for elderly has been very special to me considering the experience I had with my grandmother, as well as in my current workplace. I want to do a job that matters to them and I want to be able to lift the spirits of elderly patients and make them more energetic.

Looking at different options for career advancement, I decided to study in Canada considering the environment and various support systems available. The advance study programme will enhance my career prospects, make me become more effective in my role and help achieve my goal in providing great service at work. Furthermore, I see that this opportunity will allow me to give back to my parents who have always been supportive in whatever I do.

I feel blessed by their overwhelming support in this journey to better myself. They are the source of my strength and I think of my dream for them whenever I face adversities. My mother who is an accountant is still working to support my father and I want to be able to support them so my mother can retire.This plan of mine will benefit me holistically for it will not just widen my knowledge in nursing but also develop my character knowing that I will be in a new environment. I know that it will require perseverance and sacrifice but I foresee positive results at the end of the study course. With my determination, willingness to learn and positive mindset, this move will bring me closer to reaching my goals.?Although I have already completed a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippine 9 years ago, enrolling in the Bachelor of Nursing program at the Niagara College will be beneficial to my professional development for a few reasons.

Firstly, knowing that nursing is rapidly evolving, doing program will update my knowledge as nursing aide working nursing aide. As technology, legislations and working place demands continually change and effective nurse at the end of this course. Secondly, the nursing degree that I will undertake will introduce me to the standards of nursing care they have in place in Canada.

Lastly, the bachelor degree I will earn from Niagara College will be the missing link to my career progression. With the skills and knowledge I will gain from the course, it will be an advantage for me when I seek a higher level of employment back in Singapore.I will be taking a graduate diploma specialization in gerontology, which is a 12 month study program.

I believe that having this program will widen my knowledge in terms of nursing the elderly. I am really grateful and honoured in having a chance of pursuing an academic study program which provide essential insights and learning in my chosen field. I intended to study and work as well Canada following the terms stated in the Study Permit Rules and regulations. Studying while having the chance to work in accordance to the rules will basically enhance my time management skills as well as increase potential learning while interacting with different people under working circumstance. Niagara College Canada, Course Study and CurriculumNiagara College is one of Canada’s finest Colleges, offering education that provides the knowledge and skills needed for success. It had received a sixth consecutive number-one ranking in overall student satisfaction among all Ontario colleges. And has implemented practices and policies to ensure consistency in the rules and regulations governing both academic and college life. Choosing this study help me broaden my knowledge in gerontology.

And going this program in Niagara College will enhance foundation knowledge and building leadership skills in caring for the health of older adults in diverse setting and it will combine new, advance earning with their previous professional credentials and experience exemplary service to this growing population.Financial DetailsName of Sponsor Relation Amount to be Sponsored Source of FundsBonnibel Hermoso Self Php 700,000 and or $10,500 or approximately CAD $ 26,500 Parents and Self Total CAD $ 27,500 Parents and SelfI have been employed and able to saved money to support this study. My parents also offer me a support in terms of financial. My parents are optimistic and positive towards my plan in studying abroad. She will provide me monetary assistance and has it place in my own bank account.My family are eager to support me financially and morally knowing that I will face a whole new challenge in foreign country.

They are always there to support me throughout the whole process. With this kind of unending support, I am very excited about my whole endeavour in Canada. As for the tuition expense, I have also covered my personal expenses while staying in Canada.

Student Obligation in CanadaI had my research about Canada’s education and found out a lot of positive results. Canada is widely known to be one of the best global education destinations specifically among Filipinos. Choosing Canada will be very beneficial for me since it has a lot to offer in terms of health care setting. Going abroad to study, especially going to Canada will be very exciting for me. I am looking forward to my future experiences and endeavours having my positive approach in order to gain positive results. My success relies on my attitude and perseverance towards different changes I will be going to face and I am very eager to learn more from this changes. After I finish my studies, my goal is to find a job in the hospital.

I already gone through the student visa condition and I fully understood my obligations and the rules which are stated, indicated and even updated, at which have descriptions like: • Study permit will only be issued to successful applicants who are pursuing studies at an educational institution that has been designated to receive international students.• Applicants must enrol in and continue pursue studies in Canada. Failure to do so could lead removal from Canada• Study permits will automatically authorize the holder to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week during academic session and full-time during scheduled breaks without the need to apply for a separate work permit.

The study permit holder must be pursuing academic, vocational or professional training of six months or more than leads to a degree diploma or certificate at a designated institution. • A student permit becomes invalid 90 days following the completion of studies unless the foreign national also possesses a valid work permit or other authorization to remain in Canada.Canada, being one of the most educated countries, offers affordable and high quality education which is recognized around the world and especially in my home country Philippines. In addition to that, safety and security are among the best in the country and it has a good quality of living.

Having a diverse population makes Canada one of the most exciting places to study knowing that you have the chance to learn among multi-cultural people.Ties in Philippines (10-15 sentences)Graduating from Niagara College’s nursing program would definitely open more doors for me subject of employment requirements. I have all the intentions in going back in the Philippines for my family and seek a higher level of employment in my home country once I will be able to successfully accomplish my student program. I am fully understood about my student status and I am more committed to be with my family and be reunited with them in the Philippines.Specifically, I would have the following when come back to once I am done with my program: • FamilyI understood that certain program in Canada have benefit of Post-Graduate work permit.

The reason why I choose 12 month program is because I do not wish to stay any longer than my 12 month education, nor would I be undergoing the internship that school offers for another year program solely because I am intending to come back to my family after my program ends. I know this program would not grant me the PGWP, hence I would safety say that I will not be a legal risk during my stay and that I would strictly abide by the rules of he country.Conclusion (10 sentences


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