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Ever since my childhood, I was bewitched by machines which surrounded me. I got immensely interested in learning and understanding the basic underlying principles of these gadgets. I used to disassemble and reassemble every toy and electronic item which was left to dispose. During my 6th standard as a part of the science project, I exhibited the mechanism of gears by crafting/fabricating them out of Corrugated cardboard for which I was extolled by the teachers and cited that I would go on to become an engineer.

A fascination for Science & Technology and interest in the ever-growing world of technology motivated me to take up engineering. I chose to major in Mechanical Engineering with an intense urge to delve into the challenging field. During undergraduation, I learned the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering together with practical coursework which reinforced my interest in this field. I learned that it is the mother of all engineering disciplines which links them together providing a base for all engineering education. By stacking together all the knowledge I acquired during my undergraduation, I would like to pursue my Masters in Mechanical Engineering
My inclination towards Applied Science made me opt for Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Chemistry in my Higher Secondary Education that had the basic topics like mechanics, composites, polymers, electrical circuits that formed the basic building blocks of Mechanical Engineering course. I Completed my Higher Secondary Education with 91.5%. My undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering was comprehensive and gave me an overview of several core subjects like Dynamics of Machinery, Material Science and Metallurgy, Manufacturing Technologies, Mechanics of Solids, Power Plant Engineering, Hydraulic machines, Heat Transfer of which my favorites were Strength of Materials, Power Plant engineering and Manufacturing Sciences. Their practical applications in various industrial areas drove my interest to learn them with enthusiasm. Finally, I graduated with a good GPA of 7.66 and maintained GPA of 8.0 during my last two years of study while getting my skills brushed up and keep up with the latest trends in technology. I was a topper in Primary and Secondary school and was part of the top 3% in academics during undergraduation.
I am proud to say that I represented my District at Senior Level JUDO competitions and bagged the Silver Medal. With martial arts, I learned how to strive to be 1% better than yesterday, goal-orientated, hard-working and learning new techniques while mastering old. With martial arts, I replicated the positive mindset and attitudes of studying well. The habits that I picked up will be easily transferred from the gym to study desk. These habits of excellence, that martial arts promote, had led me to study more consciously and effectively.

By balancing well, both sports and academics I took part in National level Technical Symposiums which include CNC Programming and Machining, Internal Combustion Engines gave a broad spectrum of Automation and Dismantling of the engine into individual components, analyzing all the components first hand, internal engine mechanisms and re-assembly of the engine.
I am Certified AutoCAD and CATIA V5R21Designer.With this, I gained hands-on experience on SOLIDWORKS, CREO, and SOLID THINKING INSPIRE through online tutorials. Academically I excelled in ANSYS laboratory work by performing various Static, Thermal, Fluid flow analysis. Participated in EFFI CARS Season-2, a National Level event during 5th semester of bachelors and succeeded in the Virtual Round by presenting the design for the electric car which is a feat achieved by very few in India. With the knowledge of all the above software tools, I, along with a team of 4 with similar interest opted, to work on a major project titled “Design and Topology Optimization of Brake Pedal and Casting Simulation for Manufacturability on Optimal Shape”. We successfully simulated the casting process by modifying the gating system in a way as to minimize the casting defects and optimized the shape to reduce the mass of the brake pedal by around 450gm.

Interned in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Engineering Shops and Foundry Department located in one of the richest harbour cities of India. Here, I have studied how molten steel is obtained from the blast furnace, used in various departments of the steel plant. Gained hands-on experience in various foundry operations and machines involved in engineering shops. Learned how theoretical knowledge can be applied in real time scenarios so that the design requirements from the customer can be met. I have visited ITC (India Tobacco Company) to study the working of Paper Machine-7 and observed different stages of manufacturing Cardboard and paper from bamboo pulp.

I have handled the responsibilities assigned to me most effectively. Being a class representative in my schooling and bachelors gave me an insight of how a leader should function with good will. These attributes that I acquired over a period of time helped me when I was all set to be a core member of the organizing committee for a National Level Fest SUMSHODHINI’17 in college. It is during this fest I have organized many technical events. I can now confidently say that I am a person with Leadership and Organizational skills which every engineer should possess as key characteristics which will facilitate a way for career growth.

To hone my practical mechanical ken and to have an elaborate exposure in the field of Mechanical engineering, I decided to pursue my Masters in the your prestigious University where I can take new and exciting challenges in an enjoyable environment and fetch a good position in Mechanical Industries. To achieve all this, the choice of a good university with dedicated teaching faculty and an atmosphere conducive to learn, becomes extremely necessary. I chose Canada for this as it is a safe, just, peace-loving, multicultural and growing nation with many career opportunities. It stands first in categories ranging from “best place to live” to “best place to study”. Institutes maintain excellent educational quality and focus on research by which students are engaged in intriguing projects. This helps to gain complete experience of study with forward thinking and innovations. Despite few changes in the way of life, there are a lot of similarities between India and Canada which allows me to adjust very soon in Canada.

After going through the website of your University, I found that by pursuing my graduation at your university, I would be able to venture out into various subject domains such as Dynamics and Design, Thermo Fluids, Automotive Engineering. The ongoing research in the university in the field alternative fuels, hybrid engines, V2V communication, renewable energy technology, new materials, reconfigurable manufacturing, casting technology has further accelerated my interest to join your prestigious institution.. The highly competitive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere at this university shall surely bring out the best in me and shall equip me with all the essential knowledge and resource so as to be able to tackle my career challenges. I would like to continue with my research after gaining some professional and real world experience for a few years related to my field of study.


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