Statement was born in a nuclear family of

Statement of purpose At the age of 16 I was disbanding obsolete motorcycles to reconstruct it with parts taken from a different one.It catalysed me to choose mechanical engineering after my schoolings.I learned that the principles of mechanical engineering are applicable to most machines,tools and process which you would encounter in your everyday life.This revelation invoked my curiosity towards learning and research on this area.

During my course period I gained insights about this exciting field and developed a penchant for designing.In my undergraduate years, I’ve acquired a strong foundation on the fundamentals of mechanical engineering subjects like Thermodynamics, Manufacturing technology, Materials and metallurgy, Computer aided design, design of machine elements etc. I also had an introduction to Finite Element Techniques.Moreover out of my own interest I learned software packages and programming languages CATIA,ANSYS,C,C++ and Basics of Python.

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As far as my family is concerned I was born in a nuclear family of sivagangai District in Tamil Nadu. Long ago we migrated to the manchester city of southern India Coimbatore, which is filled with a plethora of educational institutions.My father is serving as Regional Inspector in Tamil Nadu Police Department,he is a stoic person.The purpose of his service is to uphold the law firm,subsequently bring miscreants to justice.He stood besides me in all my decisions which encouraged me to rise up from all the pits I fell.Luckily,I have supportive parents who are willing to financially sponsor my studies. During the summer holidays of my third year,I did a training program on VEHICLE OVERHAULING.

It made me cognizant of various vehicle Components,Engine parts and VVT(Variable valve timing).In addition to that I have completed various minor courses on Advancement in turbo and supercharging engines, Advances in welding society and Lean manufacturing. The areas which captivated my interest during undergraduate study were Advancement in engines, welding technology and lean manufacturing.I strongly believe in the proverb “strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection”.Thus to strengthen my knowledge further I am intrigued to do a postgraduate degree in the practical elements of mechanical engineering.The prime reason I chose canada for my higher education is because of its amalgamation of brilliant education and ethnic diversity.The idea of getting exposed to a multicultural environment along with a first grade Education system makes it an ideal destination for my post graduate studies.Fanshawe College is well known for its advanced programs and a large pool of international students.The college provides excellent facilities and opportunities for me to pursue my specialization.The unique mix of education and research facility in Fanshawe college would help me gain valuable knowledge.The field of mechanical engineering gave me an experience of indispensable proportions.The technological world is filled with innovational ideas and innumerable potentials,I am eager to be a part of it.I wish to complete my postgraduate diploma in practical elements of mechanical engineering for pursuing a purposeful research in that area.My aspiration is to associate myself with world class industries such as Ford,General motors,TATA Motors,Space X etc.I firmly believe that studying in canada will immensely enhance my capabilities which would usher me towards my dreams and goals.


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