Statement decided to pursue a further study

Statement of Purpose  I, Mohammed Yaseer Arafath Mohamed Ayoob, born in India on the 22nd of November, 1988 wish to apply for a Student Visa for the purpose of pursuing Master of Finance at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, which is due to commence on 26th February 2018.    My application is supported by myself along with the assistance of bank loan.

 I completed my schooling from Campion Anglo Indian in the year 2006 with 87 percentages. Thereafter, I did my bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management and Diploma of Hotel Management as a dual degree program at SIHM, with distinction in 2009. Unfortunately, neither did I like its work culture nor there a great scope in India for the industry, so I decided to enrol for Master of Business Administration from RMKEC, Chennai. My life underwent a meaningful change during the second semester when I was introduced to the world of Finance, I was instantly fascinated with the subject and I decided to thrust my career in finance.      After 2 years of studying finance in university and five years of experience working as Assistant Manager in a reputed bank, I decided to pursue a further study in finance area to get an insight on financial operations of both economies in general and business in particular. Also working in a banking firm was hugely informative as I got a chance to share views and experiences about finance and investments among professionals and finance enthusiasts. In my opinion, the time working here has a part in cherishing my desire to consider a masters course in Finance.  Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago, those magical words by Mr.

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Warren Buffett ignited the fire in me to be the light that helps others see. As an ambitious candidate pursuing opportunities in the financial industry, my goal is to become a financial and Investment Advisor. From quite an early age I was adept at Numbers and problem-solving skills. After my graduation, many of my relatives and friends had lost millions of rupees on wrong investments, which propelled me to ponder why only a few investors reaping unparalleled success and profit whereas most of the investors lose millions of rupees on failed investments or settling for a lesser Return on Investment (ROI) than they had actually desired. While no business is without risk, there is a method to minimize that risk. That method is what I strive to ascertain and, to be able to make that method personalize to businesses. I genuinely consider a master’s degree in finance will give me the tools I need to understand the costs of managing a business and enlighten me to recognize ventures that are worth investing in.

  Immediately after joining the course, I aim to work towards my MS degree and concentrate on my majors. Thereafter, I would like to see myself as a part of the investment segment of the finance industry working towards the development of this sector. For the next couple of years, I would like to work for organisations like Bajaj Capital and HDFC and gain experience before I apply for my Professional Licence. My eventual goal in the long run is to start an Investment organisation.     RMIT University is one of the finest institutes for finance programs. RMIT is truly a global university featuring among top 250 universities in the world.

The course proposes a range of units for holistic development besides introducing me to the new areas of Econometric methods and Portfolio Management. In my previous study, I was a university ranker, was among the top two percent of students which I hope will demonstrate my academic ability to study at this level. Furthermore, I chose to study in Australia because it is such a multicultural and focuses more on innovative and practical based learning with internships not only presents us an unmatchable global exposure but nominating us desirable candidates for employment globally. Additionally, it is a chance for me to explore a new culture and to make friends with people all around the world.



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