STATEMENT the current skillful and talented work

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE CYBERSECURITY                        MY STATEMENTOF PURPOSEI have found myself developing alot of interest in thedevelopment of the digital world and its amazing revolution in the use ofcomputers and electronic gadget are fast increasing in the society.

as mobilephones, deskstop,computers,digital cameras and all electronic gadget withhousehold appliances and how they function with the use of microchips and dataconfigurations. Regardless the attainment of technology.  It can be seen that alot needs to beuncovered. For instance, Cyber security is one major filed that interest mealot, It has driven me from my previous studies.

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It has pilot from my personalinterest and antecedent studies in physics as a field.I understand that it is an amazing reasoning to saytechnology has reached a certain stage to decipher cyber security issues andproblems with the importance of cyber technology. Am feeling electrifiedtowards my feasibility of becoming a cyber security specialist of the currentgeneration and future. creating new ideas, structuring the achievement on thecurrent skillful and talented work of todays minds.Since my childhood days i have always developed interest inphysics and science as a whole. I only wished to be a computer scientist and acyber security expert based on several occasion when i was able to resolve andintervene in unforeseen situations.

During my internship in college when therewas a lost of data at the pharmacy which caused the pharmacy to loose alot ofthousands of dollars due to virus on the computer system and important fileswere lost, banking information were accessed and very vital data’s were stolenwhich was caused by an unwanted virus on the computer network from unknownsource.I was able to intervene in the situation due to my pastgained experience from the cyber cafe and internet service Centre i was workingwith per time after high school and the use of anti-virus software to scan,detect and delete virus from a computer and block in coming access to thecomputer network. The loss would have aggravated to alot of loss in money, veryimportant information’s, both and new important files and data record wouldhave been completely lost.I was startled by the situation and i started to grow alotof interest in being a cyber security expert, which made me to come to aconclusion of going for a 2nd degree in Cyber Security after my firstdegree in Pharmacology. I detected that my true connection, gift andtalent is not coincidental in solving computer issues but i was destined to bea Cyber security expert.

I have passion for this course and field as a whole tohelp and assist the computer world in solving this global issues or menace ofunsafe cyber and computer internet in doing smooth and safety business faced byindigenous, international, local, small scales, largescales,individuals,government and non governmental companies and agency.I have always been the computer operator and date collectorclass representative during my college studies and this has also inspired me toensure there was no incidence of data lost or system corrupt, i ensured thecomputer software was updated at the right time, a good and reliable antiviruswas used as a security to the computer, i ensured all files was encoded and astrong password was used as access to the computer for unwanted access and safeguarding important files. Reading about great programmers in the world has inspiredme, i have used this few software such Cisco and java to do computer networkingsince the past 5 years working at the cyber cafe has helped me to grow alot ofknowledge and understanding in the cyber world. Have also been acquainted witha list of notable Internet Security Software’s and non exhaustive antivirussuch as Norton Anti virus, AVG Antivirus, Zone Alarm, Avast Kaspersky,Antivirus, Eset NOD32,McAfee Virus Scan, Immunet, Trend Micro InternetSecurity, Norton 360,Aol Active Virus Shield and Microsoft Security Essential.My knowledge with this Internet Security Software’s hasinspired me to go for my degree in cyber security and doing this will coursewill help broaden my knowledge, understanding and help me achieve my ambitionby building a security software to help counter and protect the global internetfor smooth and safety use.

I will be glad if my admission application can beaccepted and the university can grant me admission into the faculty of ComputerScience as a student in the Cyber Security department. 


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