STATEMENT having one year gap during my BE(2012-2013)

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE(SOP) • FAMILY BACKGROUND: I, Akshay Chandrakant Salunkhe,reside in Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai. My father         is Employee in the company HCL (HindustanCopper Limited) and my mother is housewife. • THE GROSS FAMILY INCOME:a)     The gross family income as per incometax is Rs              for the year 2017-2018. • SPONSOR DETAILS: My Graduate Diploma in Computing(Networking and Data Communication) will  be sponsored by my parents using theirpreviously accumulated savings. • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT:a)  After my Diploma, I completed my BE in Electronics andtelecommunication      (EXTC) from PillaiHOC College of engineering and technology, with aggregate of 5.98CGPI, 2016.b)  I secured an aggregate of 64.

34% in Diploma (Year-2012) and 72.46%in 10th grade (Year-2009).c) I secured an overall band of 7in my IELTS (Listening=7.

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5,Reading=6.5,    Writing=6.5, Speaking=6.5). • GAP IN EDUCATION: I was having one year gap during my BE(2012-2013) as it waslittle bit difficult for me to understand some subjects but later I cleared allmy subjects and completed my BE.

                            • THE REASONFOR CHOOSING NEW ZEALAND FOR MY GRADUATION IN               COMPUTING:               I have opted New Zealand as myeducation destination as New Zealand                Education in internationallyrecognized and highly valued in India. The              Climatic condition of New Zealandis little bit similar to my home country              India as the weather is not too cold as wellas not to hot which would               Probably help me to suit up withenvironmental condition quickly. Also              There is a right hand drive inNew Zealand which is same as India which               Would make me easier to drive vehicle inNew Zealand. Also a Foreign                      Degree Along with international exposure wouldbe an added advantage               for me to secure a good job inwell reputed company.

I firmly believe              That skills acquired at a reputed NewZealand institute will put me ahead               Of all the competition back inIndia.               • THEREASON FOR CHOOSING UNITEC:             I learned about various instituteof New Zealand at the education fair I              Had attended of EdwiseInternational, after which I researched about the             College which offer a perfectcourse in networking. I applied to Unitec             Institute of Technology and WaikatoInstitute of technology (Wintec)             Both of which offered me a graduate program in networking. Receiving             Admits from both the universities,I decided upon pursuing my graduation              From UNITEC as it’s a majorlyreputed institute also the location of the              Campus is quite good as I couldget a part time job easily.

UNITEC also               Provides career aheadprofessional, career support which includes              Interview preparation and industry networkingopportunities which will              Help me to develop my business skills. Thecourse structure provided by              UNITEC is perfect for me as I alsoget a chance to select some subjects to              Complete credit points 120. All the programsare accredited by the             New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).             • COURSE STRUCTURE FOR GRADUATIONIN COMPUTING:                My program, Graduation diploma in Computing, Specializationin             (Networking and Data Communication)is a Level 7 program. The            Duration of the course is 1 year, inwhich I will study subjects like            Data Communication and Network(ISCG6401), Network Design and             Implementation (ISCG7402), Network Administrationand support             (ISCG6402) in which I have keeninterest. The course consist of total             120 points.            • THEREASON BEHIND CHOOSING NEW ZEALAND OVER INDIA:              In India more emphasis is laid on theoretical aspectrather than practical.

           Also the course Graduate Diploma inComputing offers me different            Subjects to learn under one program whichwould probably help to           Sharpen my knowledge of networking.            •FUTURE PLAN:            I believe that this course GraduateDiploma in Computing will help me to             Develop my skills in networkingwhich would probably help me to gain             More opportunities back in mymotherland and work for my dream             Companies such as Wipro, Reliance,L etc.   • IMMIGRATION HISTORY:  Not Applicable.    


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