STATEMENT Kshirsagar as an intern. I completed the

STATEMENTOF PURPOSEMyundergraduate program (Bachelor of Commerce – BCom) has given me a solidfoundation in the basic aspects of the business world and subjects such asAccountancy, Finance, Economics and Management.

It whetted my appetite forgaining further knowledge in these practical subjects. I completed my BCom fromGarware Collage of Commerce (One ofthe esteemed collage for Commerce in Pune, India) with distinction in the year2013.  Later on, I chose to pursue theMaster of Commerce program (with specialization in Commercial Laws) at Savitribai Phule Pune University, whereI managed to pass with Higher First Class in the year 2016. This course had thespecialised knowledge of the commercial laws. This made me realize, I need toimprove my adroitness in finance and practical knowledge.  Along with my regular course, Ihave completed professional course organized by The Institute of CompanySecretaries of India (ICSI) with18 months of practical training under CS Bageshri Milind Kshirsagar as anintern.  I completed the same in the year2013.

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Currently I am pursuing Certificationin Management Accounting (CMA) from TheInstitute of Management Accountants, USA and have cleared one group of thecourse (out of two groups). This has given me an exposure to various topics ofFinancial Analysis, Risk Management and Corporate Finance. After completing the ProfessionalCourse organized by ICSI, I am currently working in a corporate legalconsulting firm “BJ and Associates” for last 2 years as a Corporate LegalConsultant. During this period, I have handled many secretarial audits, legal matterswith respect to intellectual property rights and commercial laws. Mymain intent in pursuing master’s program is to gain knowledge in the field Financeand Investment Banking. I am particularly interested in the analytical aspectsof this field and want to concentrate on Financial Theories, FinancialAnalysis, Financial Econometrics, Corporate Finance, and Portfolio Management.

Iwould like to enhance my skills in the field of finance and investment banking toachieve a proficient and respectable position in this field. The knowledge ofthese subjects will help me achieve my goals in future which are to work as afinancial advisor or as a financial consultant. I crave for learning new thingswhich help me to gain knowledge and study all diversified subjects. Also Iwould like to add that, my main motive to do this course in your university isto obtain knowledge in the field of strategic planning, international capitalmarkets, and financial analysis.Ibelieve hard work and dedication is of utmost importance. If one can inducethese qualities, one can produce better future. I did some research andrealised that there are ample of opportunities for post graduation courses inIreland. Post graduation program will fulfil my professional goal as well aswill increase my skills and capabilities.

I request to place my credentials toprove reason to study my Post Graduate Program (MSc in Finance) at your esteemeduniversity. I haveopted for MSc in Finance from Trinity College Dublin which has a high academicstanding and reputation of being one of the best universities in Ireland. I haveopted for this university because of its excellent infrastructure, modernteaching techniques and diverse variety subjects which I can choose during thecourse.

The same course anywhere else would not have given me such an all roundexperience. Also, the practical teaching approach of the course supplemented bythe theoretical knowledge is very much essential in understanding the subject.I ameager to study in a different country which will give me a chance to explore a newculture. This unique experience will give me immense value addition and make mea better professional as well as a better human being.I havechosen your university considering the unique design of this course, excellent infrastructureand pleasant         atmosphere.

Iwould be grateful if you could give me an opportunity to prove myself. Thankingyou in advance,Yourssincerely, BhalchandraJoshi


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