Starting in that state , which might

Starting off with how important an
individual’s health is. We all know that health is not only important to us but
also to the people around. As Joyee Meyer said before” I believe that the
greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”
Health is much more important than you can imagine.

Beginning with basics, one of the
most important factors  that affect you
is your physical and mental condition which goes back to health. For having to
go through bad health conditions is not only going to affect you but also the
people around. Imagine yourself going through harsh health conditions , all
what you’ll be thinking about would be why me, why now, how am I to go have fun
or watch movies if I’m in that state , which might of course lead to depression
at that moment. Who from us doesn’t go through bad mood when they’re sick?
Seeing all these pills we have to take on time or having to rest for about a
week or more will for sure affect our personality and the way we view things.
Everything then becomes prosaic or normal. Yet maybe it is important to go
through such times only to value health more. For we do not have an idea of its
value until we lose it.

Another reason why health is
important is because of its great affect on our self-esteem. Let me ask you to
compare yourself before and after gaining weight. It would look something like
that” when I was overweight 2 years ago I used to be shy to hang out with
friends being afraid to hear the negative comments on my body shape, I used to
find difficulties wearing good looking cloths, in addition to that not everyone
would walk next to me because they would be affected by how I look.” Now
would sound like” it is no greater than having a good body shape and
following a good health style , you feel free to do whatever you want, going up
the stairs without feeling tired from the first 2 steps , you get to look good
and have a strong personality, I am no more shy but the exact opposite. I now
believe in myself and appreciate myself more because my body and health are a
gift from god that I am asked to keep 
and take care of .” This sums up literally everything. I know a lot
of people that have low self-esteem because of the bad diet they follow. I am
not asking you to stop all the fast food or the soft drinks you drink. I am
asking you to give some attention and care to your health because believe me If
you lose it you’ll regret every second you forgot about it. Keep in mind that
your self-esteem as well affects your health. It is a two way progress for
going through bad moods or having low self-esteem is going to make you sit at
home do nothing but cry over something silly that doesn’t deserve or eat to
feel better or even smoke. Which all leads to a bad health.

Moving on, your health is the
world’s health as well. We all are dreaming of a better world that looks
nothing but healthy and peaceful. You are a human being on this planet that has
a value and a role to play for. You can change not only yourself but the world
as well. Being not healthy may attract others to be so as well, which will then
increase the level of diseases we already have now a days.

Last but not least, I strongly
believe that on the most important factors that affect our self-esteem is our
health. Therefore, I would like to remind every individual that they are
beautiful the way they are but this doesn’t mean that we can sit and do nothing
about our health. I ask everyone to check up on their health every month, and
give full attention to it.  It really is
a great gift from god please take care of it.



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