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Starbucks is a very famous company around the world. Many people like to drink a hot coffee in the morning before work, especially when it is raining outside or in cold weather. Every customer is very important for Starbucks. The company lives by its mission statement “Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.” One can find stores of this company in many countries and figure out that these coffee shops are very popular and recognizable.  From the beginning, Starbucks was a small local coffee roaster in Seattle. After a decade, it became an American global coffee company. It is the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Starbucks serves hot and cold beverages, whole-bean coffee, micro ground coffee, full-leaf teas and snacks. This brand is very popular around the world, especially among the young generation. Many stores sell pre-packaged food items, hot and cold sandwiches. Starbucks has been selected for this research paper, because this company has several issues regardless of the success of the company at the  current time. Much of the success of this company  lies in their clear marketing strategies, as well as, introducing a new product into the U.S. coffee drinking market at the right time, and staying up-to-date with trends and customer preferences. The challenge for the company now is the lack of customer service improvement and dealing with environmental issues. How can Starbucks improve its service to maintain the success of the company?  Starbucks can use many ways to improve its service. This company should take care of customer satisfaction, environmental issues and its employees.Three recommendationsFirst of all, Starbucks should take more care of customer satisfaction. The main goal of the company is to keep its clients happy and satisfied. However, at the present time, Starbucks started to use marketing strategies that were not supported by consumers. For instance, over the last year and a half, Starbucks added new gourmet sandwiches and is selling Teavana tea and craft soda in its coffee shops.  The main reason for introducing new products is getting more profit. The disadvantages of this strategy can outweigh the advantages, because the company may lose its unique recognizable image. In this case, customers can buy not only coffee, but also other products. The company cannot be all things to all people. Starbucks is not exceptional to this rule. When people think of Starbucks, they think of coffee. However, if the company goes toward this trend after ten years of “menu innovations,” they might lose the Starbucks’ coffee identity. Therefore, Starbucks should expand their business by selling products that are related to coffee.Moreover, one of the byproducts of Starbucks’ expanded food and beverage menus is an abundance of choice. When people go to Starbucks, they usually want to buy their favorite coffee. However, they can figure out many possible variations of their favorite coffee, and that could be annoying. For customers, it sounds ideal to have a wide choice of products, but it turns out that most consumers prefer fewer choices in comparison to more choices. By giving customers more choices, Starbucks is making it more difficult for consumers and thus, lowers purchasing satisfaction. Every company should make their business to be sure that customers are satisfied with its services. Building a good relationship with consumers will lead to customer loyalty, which can be beneficial for the company.In addition, the company should keep its internationally respected unique brand in order to distinguish its products with the products of other companies. There are many competitors on the market who want to attract the customers by offering similar products. According to Wong (2015), now customers can buy a serviceable latte at McDonald’s. Starbucks’s main challenge has been maintaining a distinction between its foamy drinks and the many other fast-food versions. Starbucks should maintain its reputation as a coffee shop in order to keep and satisfy its current clients by offering them the products that they know and like. Secondly, Starbucks should pay enough attention to environmental problems. This company has already achieved good results in many environmental aspects. However, some improvements could be done in order to help maintain the planet’s safety. The company has often been accused of green washing, or the practice of using misleading information to present an environmentally responsible public image. This strategy is used by many companies to attract more customers and increase their profits. For instance, in 2008, the wasteful water practices of Starbucks came under great investigation, when it was revealed that nearly 6.2 million gallons of water were being wasted a day. Starbucks employed the use of a dipper because they saw it as a sanitation option for washing spoons. After the discovery of such immense water waste, the company pledged to decrease water consumption by 25 percent in company owned stores by the year 2015 (Elvir, 2013).In addition, the cups used in Starbucks are not recyclable. The company claims that they are environmentally friendly, but compared to the past years, today they use separate boxes for every pastry. This change causes more use of plastic boxes and waste that contaminates the planet. Plastic wrappings are not recyclable. Starbucks cups contain ten percent recycled paper, which is an excellent start, but they are not recyclable or compostable because of the plastic liner. The company is trying to find the solution to this issue. Although, this company has drawbacks in its environmental policy, Starbucks is trying to be green. For instance, Starbucks unveiled a $1.00 reusable plastic cup that is BPA-free and that gives one a 10 cent discount per order, thereby paying for itself after 10 drinks. This was a great green option for to-go orders. Unfortunately, Starbucks has failed to get customers to start using their personal reusable cups. The company set a seven year goal of serving 25 percent of beverages in reusable cups by 2015. However, in 2011, just 1.9 percent of beverages were served in reusable cups (Peterson, 2014). Thirdly, Starbucks should think about its employees. Miscommunications between employees preparing food and those preparing beverages led to incorrect orders or orders not being filled at all.  Before starting their job, employees should take extensive training not only about coffee preparation, but also about effective social interactions between co-workers and customers.Some people tend to believe that Starbucks has a good health insurance system stated in the company. For instance, part-time workers, as well as, full-time employees can have an insurance plan. The company claims that they have affordable insurance for its employees. However, in reality, Starbucks is far from being a leader in employee health care. Starbucks insures a lower percentage of its workforce than Wal-Mart, a company that has been blamed for its poor health care policy. Starbucks’ 42 percent is not only worse than Wal-Mart’s 47 percent, it’s also worse than the industry average (Starbucks Workers Union, 2014).The issue to get health care for employees has two sides. Firstly, employees must work 240 hours per quarter to qualify for purchasing health care through the company. Therefore, it seems to be very difficult for part-time employees to satisfy this requirement. Secondly, employees must pay significant premiums, co-pays, and deductibles to participate in the health care plan. Consequently, not all employees can afford to have a health insurance plan. Moreover, employees have to work in an unsafe working environment. For example, Starbucks baristas work during rush hours to meet a very high customer demand. If management schedules an appropriate number of workers on the shop floor, workers will not have to work at such an unsafe speed with very hot beverages. The work environment is also full of various dangers. Employees can have many injuries and health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, Starbucks should pay more attention to employees’ trainings, health insurance issues and a safe work environment.ConclusionIn conclusion, Starbucks can use many various ways to improve its service and make its clients and employees happy. This company should take care of customer satisfaction because its consumers play a crucial role in the company’s business. The company should focus on coffee and coffee related products in order to maintain its internationally popular public image and brand. Also, the company should think about the range of possible variations of products that it should offer to the customers. Consumers do not expect to deal with enormous amount of choices because they would like to see just the several, most recognizable and favorite products. Starbucks should pay more attention to environmental problems because one’s life depends on a healthy environment. Customers think about the future of the planet and want to buy environmentally friendly products. Starbucks should try to find an appropriate solution to its unrecyclable cups. In addition, the company should not use greenwashing and make fake advertisements to keep customers’ loyalty. The third recommendation was connected with its employees. Starbucks should organize special employees’ trainings and workshops, provide an adequate insurance health plan and make its stores the safest work environment for its employees. 


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