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Star Wars transformed the movie marketing forever. Beforethis movie came, instead of using pre-existing fan bases and merchandisingpower, films existed on their own creative quality, depending strictly on thebox office to generate big money. But when in 1978 the movie was released, all thingschanged when a marketing juggernaut was born. For the branding, they have beenleveraging all things from burgers to vacations. During the starting days, Star Wars was co-promoted withBurger King via merchandising and commercials. Toys comprised of many maincharacters even including those from the infamous Cantina scene. At the timewhen second instalment of the franchise was released, the company, Kenner, towhich the rights for toy merchandising were sold to, to promote the toys useddirect mail marketing.

Shortly in a while, Star Wars becomes an amusement parkattraction, debuting in Disneyland and now operating in Disneyland Paris afterits close in America in 2010. As the first week Star Wars TV series “The CloneWars” started running, the animated kids’ show came into light to this day onCartoon Network, maintaining viewership from younger audiences.Continuing with the branding strategies, in 2011, Volkswagenreleased its first in a series of Star Wars-themed commercials, called “Force”,which was intended to be released as a Super Bowl Ad. In 2012, Disney acquiredLucasfilm Ltd. This acquisition put the branding power of Disney behind theStar Wars franchise, opening opportunities for TV shows, merchandising andtheme park concepts. Walt Disney Studios and Lucasfilm released a digitalcollection of the first six movies in 2015, remastered in high definition,through Amazon and iTunes in April.

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Co-branded promotions for The Force Awakensincluded TV commercials for Kohl’s Black Friday sales and Verizon.The customer target were Star Wars fans with age ranging fromas young as 4 to as old as 94 years old. An interactive online website wasunveiled as a tribute to the Star Wars fans by a company Target. Apart from thewebsite, an in-store space called “Shop the Force” was launched where licensedStar Wars merchandise and gears were to be sold.Disney has been upgrading and increasing up its marketingefforts for the Star Wars brand.

Through global collaborations and anintegrated brand strategy, Disney, for Star Wars, formed a multi-dimensionalpromotional platform. Disney is also introducing and marketing the Star Warsbrand through various different mediums such as digital platforms, films, and merchandise.The branding of Star Wars has many aspects to it. Some ofthem are –·        Simplicity – The main principle of the Star Wars moviesis to be simple, just like good Vs evil, and also, they are attached to it astheir mantra for success.

George Lucas believed to keep the brand strategyunderstandable and simple and not to complicate it.·        Keep the brand strong – Star Wars being a strong brandwith sequels and prequels, there is a strong enough central brand strategy, thatcan allow them to diverge from the main campaign strategy, and target differentmarkets successfully with their own exclusive proposition.


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