1. she truly belonged. 2The main character of

1. The theme of this book was in search of ones self. I chose this theme because Catharine was in search of her self throughout the whole story.

Her and her brother were taken captive by the Lenape Indian tribe and she had to search to find her self throughout her time in captivity. In the beginning when she was captured, it was awkward and confusing. This was because she was a Quaker and she didnt know if she was now an Indian or still a Quaker, because the Lenape werent going to return her to her family. She had to search her own self, and eventually she became used to the way of Indian life. She never forgot her family, but she had come to love her new family. She had also become accustomed to her new way of life.

After about a year of living with the Lenape, white men came and took Catharine and her brother away. This really made her confused because she had just found herself with the Lenape and now she has to find herself with her own family again. She never quite found herself with her people, but she would always know where she truly belonged. 2The main character of this book was Catharine. She was strong-willed and adjusting. She was strong-willed when she had the strength to adjust to her new ways of life. She was pulled from her old life, to her new life, back to her old life.

It was very difficult for her because both the Quakers and the Lenape were two very different cultures. She found herself having mixed feelings and a lot of confusion, but she had the will to deal with it. Catharine was also adjusting. She was adjusting when she had to adjust to life with the Lenape. She had to learn new ways of life; she had to learn how to survive off the land. She also made her own clothes and gathered food.

She also had to adjust to new customs. The Lenape religion and the Quaker religion are very distinct from eachother. Catharine adjusted to the Lenape religion very well. 3.

The Author wrote this book for a couple of reasons. First, she wrote it for entertainment. A lot of people like to read books about the past. Also, I have never read a book about Indians capturing a girl and her brother. They captured them because two members of the tribe lost their children because the white men had killed them. It was a different book and people like to read books like it. The author also wrote this book because she wanted to inform the readers about how the white men treated the Indians.

They killed their people and broke many treaties. Also, it was a back and forth battle. The white men killed their people and so did the Indians. In this case the Lenape took two white children and raised them in place of their own murdered ones. The author told the story through the perspective of Catharine. People like to read books like this.

4. I absolutely enjoyed this book. I really liked the fact that it was historical fiction, because that is my favorite.

I also liked that Catharine told the story through her own perspective. I could better understand her situation. I learned a lot from this book. I learned a great deal about the situation with the Indians and the white man.

The fact that a girl my age was telling the story gave me a unique gaze into the past. I actually saw the story through Catharines eyes. I will defiantly read more books by this author. She did the finest job interpreting the history in the story and I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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