Stakeholders raise to all employees struggling to live.

Stakeholders are people that are interested in the business in some sort of way. There are internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are people that work within the business and play a big role of keeping it running. For example these people are shareholders, managers, directors, owners, employees etc. External stakeholders are people that do not work within the business but they have an interest in the business. For example government, customers, suppliers and the community. As Tesco’s is a plc it has many stakeholders involved in the business.

Tesco’s shareholders play a huge role in influencing and running the business effectively. Shareholders produce the most of the capital within Tesco’s as they all have bought a share of the business which boosts Tesco’s capitals. This leads to Tesco’s being able to invest more money into improving its store and renovating it to increase sales which allows more room for a greater variety of products. Shareholders continue to buy larger shares of the business to fund it and to influence Tesco’s to carry on improving. Shareholders aim to possess as much of the business as they can without crashing their other finances.

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The shareholders of Tesco’s try to earn that extra money just to invest more into the business. According to daily mail “Tesco shareholders attack bosses over staff’s ‘slave wages’ after it emerges taxpayer is topping up employees’ incomes”
Tesco’s shareholders have been getting involved with the wages their employees are paying out as it is under the living standard. They have got involved to influence tescos to handout a pay raise to all employees struggling to live. They have got involved because it is unfair how they treat the employees that do all the work on the floor, without them they wouldn’t be selling any products.


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