Stability; created identically, which clearly shows that

Stability; A New Drug for a NEW WORLD Aldous Huxleysubstantially conveys the message in his book, Brave New World, that stabilityis the highest priority for a government.

Stability can best be achievedthrough consumer satisfaction, leading to total control over society. The WorldState’s Government does everything it can to ensure their people are alwayshappy and never become upset; sadness can lead to instability. Keeping peoplehappy and under control guarantees that people will never dislike thegovernment and thus always stay in power. Oneof the methods the World State used to achieve stability is through the Bokanovskyprocess. It is a method of creating humans by cloning embryo into identicaltwins. Procreation therefore does not involve families, and thus families arenot present nor part of society. Using this method there is zero racism andother conflicts involving human physical appearance.

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Mustapha Mond (one of the’controllers’) wisely states “No social stability without individual stability”Huxley 28. Mustapha Mond knows that stability needs to be created directly atthe individual level, so creating everyone to look the same increasesindividual stability since nobody could fight over looks. Creating a societywithout racism and different physical appearance keeps everyone happy andsociety stable. Unfortunately the people in the World State are createdidentically, which clearly shows that they have been deprived of any realculture. Another one of the essential ideas to achieve maximum stability is toensure people do not create close bonds because the leaders of the World Statewant people to focus on themselves rather than others.

Since there is no bondgreater than family, the World State decided to remove it using the Bokanvoskyprocess and banning literature to insure people don’t learn how human lifeexisted prior to the governments total control over society. John the Savageasks Mustapha Mond why Shakespearian literature had been banned despite beingso beautiful. Mustapha replies, “We haven’t any use for old things here” Huxley198. The big reason for banning any kind of Shakespearian literature is thatthe characters experience emotion. Emotions are conveyed in such an eloquentway which allows the reader to learn and feel these exact emotions as thecharacters do, which is exactly what the government is trying to prevent.

Manyof the characters in Shakespeare’s books become angry meaning that the readerscould learn about that emotion and create an unstable society. Another issuefor the World State enabling people to read Shakespeare would be peoplelearning about how families and friendships worked which is not what the WorldState wants for its people. The people of the World State aren’t free to readand learn about the past as it would provoke change which is the exact oppositethe ‘controllers” want. It would create a much less stable society because thegovernment wants to keep everything the same. With the governments encouragingof promiscuity, any real lasting relationships do not exist. Promiscuity is socommon in fact when Lenina walked into the Alpha changing room, she was cheeredand smiled at. “She was a popular girl and, at one time or another, had spent anight with almost all of them” Huxley 49.

This event gives us a clearindication that having sex with so many people is a norm. Since the governmentencourages promiscuity its goal is to creates a zero percent chance to haverelationships.Soma is a heavily used drug funded by thegovernment that if taken, creates an exceptional feeling for the user. Peoplein The World State use Soma to escape stress, pain and even the slightest bitof discomfort.

Soma is so loved in fact when John declared “I’ll teach you;I’ll make you free whether you want it or not”. He proceeded by opening thewindow and “began to throw the little pill-boxes of soma tablets out into thearea” Huxley 187. John creates a huge riot which shows that the people in theWorld State defend what is controlling them and stabilizing them. Soma may seemtip-top to the user but actually it does not allow the user to have badthoughts about the government or anything else, which means the government willstay in power for as long as Soma is used because nobody can be upset at thegovernment. People love Soma so much it could be considered as a God to thepeople. Mustapha Mond commented on the beloved drug as “Christianity withouttears” Huxley 210. Mustapha Mond means that both Christianity and Soma createhappiness, but in Christianity there is sin which also creates sorrow, whichmeans instability for society.

Since Soma is so loved, it will always be in useby the people who will never be able to have a say in society because they aretoo happy to do so.            The World State believes that thereis no need for personal beliefs such as religion because society would not beone-hundred percent stable due to sins. The World State’s ideology iscompletely based off of science as they artificially create humans so theythink there is no room for any kind of religion. John asked Mustapha Mond whythe World State does not teach people about god and Mustapha Mond repliedsaying “For the same reason as we don’t give them Othello: they’re old; they’reabout God hundreds of years ago. Not about God now” Huxley 204. Religion isdeemed as ‘unnecessary’ to people because there is sin which contradicts withthe ideology and actions of the World State. The three most followed religionscurrently forbid prosecution and the creation of human by human which are oneof the most important actions that the world state does to achieve maximumstability.

The people can’t follow what they choose to follow because religionhas been erased from society and the government leaves little chance for anyoneto figure out about religion and if they do figure out about it, they have beenconditioned to not comprehend what it means. There is no room for change in societyeven for those who want change. If one person tried to provoke change insociety, they could never do it. They would be publicly shamed, outnumbered andisolated from ‘normal’ people. When Bernard hesitated to save John after Johncaused the riot and said, “Ford help him” he felt like he would be isolated ifhe helped John so he asked his ‘Ford’ to help him. This incident shows thatpeople can’t really do anything to help people opposing the ‘controllers’decision as the public would not accept it and so as the government. Even the “oddones” like Bernard, try to fit into a world that they personally do not acceptbut still try to fit in due to fear of isolation. When Bernard “swallowedfour tablets of Soma at a gulp” Huxley 43 shows he is trying to fitin to not be seen as abnormal.

Bernard tries to fit in because he does not wantto be seen as an outsider. This section shows that he or anyone else like him,cannot change the ideology and actions that the people do in The World Stateand need to act like ‘normal’ people.       The government in the World State identifiesstability as the top priority and removes freedom of the people to achievemaximum stability. Currently, our society have the same society and the WorldStates, we have the technology to clone humans but we do not have the moralityyet, meaning that a similar dystopia could become a reality . The people inBrave New World have zero chance to change anything as society will continue tobe the same for the test of time with the use of cloning and other mind-controllingand satisfying gimmicks.



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