A economical requirement which accommodate an unprecedentedly

Auniversity is a place, not only focusing on the educational achievements of itsundergraduates but also their achievements in extra-curricular activities.

Whenit comes to the topic “extra-curricular activities”, “performing arts” play amajor role in it. Even though University of Sri Jayewardenepura reputed as theuniversity with the South Asia’s best management faculty, its undergraduatesare filled with lot of singing, acting and dancing skills. Events like “MiniVibes”,”Vibes”, “Radix”, “Nethin Ethera”, “Ridma Nadee” are the best evidencesfor this. Only requirement of the students is a good stage for them to revealtheir hidden abilities to the outside world.Apartfrom lectures a university or any other kind of higher education institute hasmany formal assemblies such as students’ concerts, award ceremonies, musicalshows, stage dramas, competitions and talent shows, cultural activities,workshops, conferences etc. To exert these kind of events, the most importantthing is an auditorium. Auditorium is an aesthetics, functional, technical, artistic andeconomical requirement which accommodate an unprecedentedly large audience.

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(www.slideshare.net>mominzaki)A good auditorium generate so many advantages to the university.·        Reduces so many inconveniences thatundergraduates have to face when organizing and conducting a eventWhenwe consider about the auditorium facilities in our university, it is in a bitlow stage.

We have only two auditoriums; applied science faculty auditorium andBandaranayke hall. Both of these auditoriums have no enough space to held grandevents. For instance we can take our own experience, past year “Mini Vibes” showwas held at applied science faculty auditorium and marketing departmentstudents faced lot of problems when finding seats to all the students who cameto watch the show. Many students went back without watching the show becausethere was no enough space. Not only that but also auditorium sound system wasin a very bad situation. It is not a secret that announcers and music producerfaced lot of problems because of that. As a well renowned university in SriLanka, it is a must to have a well-equipped, permissive and standardauditorium.

In Paruluniversity in India there is a lavish auditorium possessing over 600 sqm carpetarea, centrally air conditioned, equipped with incandescent lights, audiovisual aids such as microphones, audio/ video recording, video playback, slideprojectors, fixed talkback facility etc. (www.paruluniversity.ac.

in>aboutus)·        Help to amplify the hidden abilities ofundergraduates Stageis the place which have power to awake the recessive artist in a person. So itis one of the most important place in a university. If administration pay moreattention for this imperfection, it will help to increase the amount ofstudents who attract to performance art side in the university. Ultimately itwill positively affect to the university system in another way because these kindof aesthetic activities help undergraduates to release from stress. So it iseventually reduce the dropout rate from the university.  ·        Reduce costEventhough mother USJP is a independent university which has introduce so manyinnovative ideas to the system, we still held our convocation at BMICH.

But ifwe have well equipped auditorium, without any doubt we can use it for thegraduation. It help to save lot some of money. Not only that, it increase ouruniversity reputation. The most significant event of our university “Vibes”also has to hold as an outdoor show because we have not any auditorium whichhave enough space. Undergraduates have to afford lot some of money to pay forthird parties to form stages and music systems in these kind of events. We cansave that amount of money by having a good auditorium.

·        Generate profitNotonly as a cost saving method but also on the other hand it helps to earnrevenue because if we have proper auditorium we can rent it for third partiesto conduct events and can earn lot sum of money. Even though our university isnot a profit oriented organization, we can use these profits for the bettermentof the university.·        Eventually an international level,standardized auditorium helps to increase the university reputation andgoodwill rapidly


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