Sr. those physical locations where the network

Sr. No. Characteristics Wired Networks Wireless Networks1. Installation Difficult to moderate (Because More no. ofcomponents are used during installation andrequire cables to be connected to each andevery computer in the networkEasy installation (neat and clean, no untidycables are used in this2. Visibility Node toNode on samenetworkAll of the nodes on a wired network can hearall other nodesMany nodes on a wireless network cannot hearall of the other wireless nodes on the samenetwork3. Visibility Networkto NetworkNetworks are invisible to other wirednetworks.

The presence of one wired networkhas no effect on the performance of anotherwired networkWireless networks are often visible to otherwireless networks. One wireless network canaffect the performance of other wirelessnetworks.4. Time toinstallationMore (due to connection of each and everycomputer in the network)Less (no untidy cable connections involves inthis)5. Cost Less (such Ethernet, cables, switches are notexpensive)More (wireless adapters and access points arequite expensive )6. User connectivity Connectivity is possible only to or from thosephysical locations where the network cablingextends.Connectivity is possible beyond the bounds ofphysical network cabling.7.

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Mobility Limited (because it operates only on aconnected computers linked with thenetwork)Outstanding (enable wireless user to connect tonetwork and communicate with other usersanytime, anywhere)8. Reliability High (Ethernet cables, switches are reliablebecause manufactures have improvingtechnology over several decades)Reasonably high( because if the major sectionlike router break down the whole network willbe affected)9. Speed andBandwidthHighUp to 100 mbpsLowUp to 54 mbps( depends upon standards802.11g)10. Cables Ethernet, copper and optical fibers Works on radio waves and microwaves11. Hubs and switches Need hubs and switches for connections No need of hubs and switches12. Security Good (by using some software like free wallsoftware etc.

)Weak (because wireless communication signalstravel through the air and can easily beintercepted but it can improve by encryptiontechnique)13. Types Local Area Network(LAN)Metropolitan Area network(MAN)Wide Area Network1. By Network Formation and Architecture:• Infra structure based network• Infra structure less (ad hoc) network Kaur et al.

, International Journal of Advanced Engineering Technology E-ISSN 0976-3945Int J Adv Engg Tech/Vol. V/Issue II/April-June,2014/34-352. By communication coverage area• Wireless Local AreaNetwork(WLAN)• Wireless metropolitan Areanetwork(WMAN)• Wireless Wide AreaNetwork(WWAN)• Wireless Personal AreaNetwork(WPAN)1. By Access Technology• GSM Network• TDMA Networks• CDMA Networks2.

Satellite Networks• Wi-Fi (802.11) Networks• Hyperlan2 Networks• Bluetooth Networks• Infrared Networks14. Standards 802.3 • 802.11a• 802.

11b• 802.11g15. Signal Loss AndFadingLess( because in the wired connectionsinterference will be less)More (due to more interference, absorption,refraction and reflection etc.)16.

Interference Less (Networks are invisible to other wirednetworks. The presence of one wired networkhas no effect on the performance of anotherwired network)Higher (the potential for radio interference dueto weather, other wireless devices, orobstructions like walls)17. Connection Set uptimeLess More18. Quality of Service Better Poor (due to higher jitter, Delays and longerconnection set up times) 


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