Sports… develop general physical fitness in a way

 Sports… what’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think of sports? It may just be the thought of one of your favorite sports team coming away with that great comeback win and the joy that it brought to you, or it may be yourself as a child and having the opportunity to make that great play in front of your family, friends, and community, and how happy it made you. That happiness that stuck with you your whole life, or you may think I little deeper into it. Think of all the hard work, time and dedication that you put into sports. However you may view sports I’m sure there’s one thing we can all agree on as a whole. Sports have been in all our lives. As a kid some people have played many different sports and those spots have helped them develop into the person they are today.

Sports have many benefits for all ages. Not only physically, but personally, and socially. Today I am going to inform you on just that, how sports benefits people physically, personally, and socially. First I’m going to inform you on how sports can physically benefit various groups of people.

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Sports have physically helped children with fitness, stress relief, and developing healthy habits. Kids who play sports develop general physical fitness in a way that’s fun. They also establish lifelong habits for great health. Sports allow kids to clear their mind of any academic or social pressures. Sports physically help adults with fitness, stress relief, healthy habits and good for preventing diabetes.

Sports can physically help the elderly with fitness, stress relief, healthy habits, preventing diabetes, and their cardiovascular system. Another benefit of playing sports is learning how to join with people on a given task or objective. People who have played sports a great deal understand how to work with others, how to get the best out of people, and how to help people do what they do best, in order to win the game.

Sports condition and encourage people to put aside differences, and grudges for the sake of the task at hand. This comes from being on a team and working with people, who are often complete strangers one would have never normally come into contact with. Anyone who has played sports learned the true meaning of team and of ‘we’, and hardly give themselves credit when it’s directed at them. Dealing with adversity, and therefore building character is another benefit one gains from playing sports with other people. People deal with adversity every day in their careers, families and even communities. Playing sports as a young person teaches a person to not only expect adversity, but to anticipate how they will handle it.

This translates into a person’s adult life where they come across adversity on a daily basis like getting fired from a job, not getting a promotion, losing a big business deal, dealing with an angry co-worker who doesn’t like you. Playing sports from an early age can help a person to accept adversity with optimism later in life. They become better people for it, too.In the very end, the benefits of playing sports, both as a child, teenager and adult, outweighs the associated risks. Of course small injuries are part of any intense exercise, and some sports are more dangerous than others, and of course some people are not healthy enough to play sports, but the participation in sports really can and does give a person lasting benefits that extend into their personal, social and career lives. A person should never avoid playing sports for this main reason.

There is much to learn by playing sports, for they are something that can teach people character and how to work with others, especially people who are quite different from them,and it teaches people to try new things, things that may aid in making them a better person.


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