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Sports being part of everyone’s life has been playing an influential part in every aspect of our society. Sports earlier was limited only to the leisure activity or to the physical activities carried on by the individuals to pass their time and keep themselves fit. But in today’s time sports is not limited only for entertainment and health purposes but has been extended for commercial activities, thereby being considered as a big source of earning income by grabbing business opportunities in the area of sports. Various sports teams are organized and on their formation some special recognition is required. Thus, they are recognized or differentiated from other teams by giving specific names to them. Further for giving identification different and catchy taglines along with logos are created. Apart from entertainment purpose on the other end of being a big business opportunity many sportsmen such as cricketers enter into advertisements and their associations enter into sponsoring, branding, merchandising etc. On commercialization of such elements, their protection is must.PATENTSGranting of legal documents by the government for the purpose of giving an inventor the right to make use and sell an invention for a specified period of time is known as patent. For making any kind of improvements in previous inventions patent can be granted. Meeting of three necessary tests by an invention is must to qualify a patent which include-1. Invention shall be new and should not exist previously2. It should be improvement to the existing technology 3. Invention should be of some use and shall not be used for any immoral and illegal purposes.Inventions which are new, useful and innovative are protected by the way of patents. Along with products, the processes used for achieving a result are also granted patents. In today’s era a lot investors have begun to obtain patent protection for the various  sports method inventions. Such sports method inventions are in trend in recent times and include strength training, aerobics, flexibility methods etc. Licensing their methods provides ample of advantages to such training conductors, as they can continue to conduct such training sessions at their own level by providing specialization and earning a large amount of money. Hence, they are protected from any kind of infringements by the third parties. Registration of patents is not an easy or simple process and thus, requirement of a legally and technically sound patent agent is must.COPYRIGHTAll the artistic work include expression of ideas and such expression of ideas are protected by the way of copyrightlaws. They are different from patents as they do not protect the processes through which the end result is achieved. Right to copy or publish a work and right to be listed as its author are considered as the economic and moral rights and thus are included in copyrights. Copyright protection is available to ideas that are creative in nature. Many sport events are conducted like car racing events, events related to football sport, cricket and other various tournaments and thus such artistic works which are a part of sports events are protected by the crucial role played by copyright laws.Subject matter of copyright include artwork in promotions, logos, also the online games etc. No mandatory rule of registering the copyright exists. But in recent times the scenario has changed, now the registration is must and in many cases it has been laid down by the courts that statutory remedies can be availed only when the owner registers his copyright under the act.PERSONALITY RIGHTSProtecting one’s name, image and other aspects of personality from exploitation and controlling such exploitation is known as personality rights. They are also known as publicity rights. Personality rights of a sportsman plays a crucial role in brand creation of such individuals.The rights of publicity basically include the right to protect one’s name, image and other related personality rights from commercialization. This gives right to privacy to sportspersons in case of their name being represented in public without their permission.MERCHANDISING AND LICENSING Merchandising is an activity which includes the promoting of sales and is another source of generating revenue and carrying on businesses for various sports teams. Through the way of gratitude many sportspersons consider their fan following to be part of their success and win. All the human achievements are originated from some kind of ideas. For conducting any kind of business, creation of work or using any sports technique, ideas are involved. Thus, protecting such ideas is must.Sale factor is the most essential element for a business to flourish and for the sale, its products must be visible in an appealing manner and this is referred to as the process of merchandising. This process includes all the techniques to promote the goods and thereby the advertisement techniques as well. Effective merchandising plays an important and significant role in uplifting the amount of sales. Every player in the particular sports team has a fan base and to increase that various methods and innovative ideas can used such as making T-shirts with the name of the particular player, any fan would take initiative to buy and wear such T-shirts and attend such matches to motivate their favourite player, also increasing the sales and contributing towards the economic aspect. On the other hand, giving the license to a company by a sports team to use its name , logo and trademark on its company’s products through a contractual agreement is known as sports licensing. The process of licensing is the source of immense importance for generating revenue and helps to build up relationship with the supporters. Protecting the quality of the brand is equally important for both the parties.


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