Sport learning. I have undertaken workexperience at a

Sport and physical activity have always been a major part of my life. I have had experience in mostareas of sport, which has made me realise where I would like my career. These experiences havegiven me an insight into how different sports have effects on each individual, some choosing to takepart for enjoyment, exercise or for some healthy competition. I thoroughly enjoy both practical andtheoretical side of sport and physical activity from multiple coaching opportunities that I have had,which allows me to have the capability for coaching and organising sport activities that allow peopleto continue and gain interest in physical activity. I am aware that sport is the most popular leisureactivity and have a good understanding of how organising an event needs sufficient planning andmanagement skills. I have shown these skills when organising RAG (Raising And Giving) week. As aSixth Form we were able to put together and run multiple activities to fundraise for EACH. We didtime management whilst organising the time slots allocated for each activity. We were also able toarrange a sponge the teacher. Throughout this process we had to create a schedule which involvedeach activity or stall and when/where it would go. Overall it was a big success. Whilst studying Sportfor my A levels, I have g ained a high interest in the coaching andleadership aspect. This particularly interests me because I enjoy meeting new people and workingwith them, being able to find ways to explain new things to them and helping them to realise theirown potential in sport. I am currently undertaking Btec Level 3 Sport, which has a huge impact onmy interest in this area. My aim is to work as a coach with young children and to teach them aboutdifferent sports as this is a very important aspect of their learning. I have undertaken workexperience at a local primary school as a teaching assistant. This enabled my leadership andcooperation skills to grow to new heights, which are key qualities in sports coaching. Working withyear one enabled me to experience working with children, which is crucial as you have to work withchildren and young people of all ages. I also gained the ability to build good relationships with themand adapt according to the individual. I was able to experience being with children who were upsetor had other concerns, particularly in my keen interest to gain further experience out on theplayground. I am currently a member of Felixstowe Hockey Club and I train and play for my club withpassion and determination on a regular basis. Through hockey I have developed my team workingskills and improved my leadership skills when I was put forward as team captain for England HockeyYouth Team under 18s. My leadership skills were applicable when I became Head Girl of years 10and 11. This role included helping out and representing the school at events such as RemembranceDay in the laying of wreaths and year 7 induction day. Within the induction day I was a leader of aform with another student which involved leading the children from different classrooms andanswering questions they had about coming up to high school. In the Summer of 2016 I completedthe National Citizen Service programme. As a group of young people we were able to organizeevents in order to support a local charity, including a sponsored walk and a flash mob. The localcharity was SARS (Suffolk Accident Rescue Service), and we raised over £1200. Some of us stillremain fundraisers for the charity helping them at certain events. I love most sports, however myparticular favourites are hockey and badminton. I am always keen to keep myself fit, believingstrongly in the contribution physical fitness makes to your physical and mental health and wellbeing.My attitude to everything I do is positive and my colleagues and teammates find me adaptable andfriendly. My commitment to my goals is total and I believe that I have the qualities to make successof this course.


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