Splitting if it’s the best thing you

Splitting up from the man you love is indeed debilitating, but given enough time together with the below-listed tips there will always a way out of that grief.

Ending a relationship is terribly agonizing. Whether you’re the dumper with a reasonable cause, still the pain is always an excruciating experience in your lifetime. An enormous part of yourself, hopes, plans, and wishes crumble down that creates a tremendous vacuum in your heart. Though the relationship was toxic and you are better off without him, still there will always adjustments you need to take care of. So, how are you going to bounce back from the agony and bring back that old bubbly you?

1.       Acknowledge the pain lingering for a while

Never make haste to rebound instantly even if it’s the best thing you need to do. Recognize the feeling of emptiness as well as all the complicated yet realistic effects of the breakup, change of schedules, transfer of residence, and or being alone. Cry your heart out if you must and when you’re done, forgive yourself and move forward.

2.       Disconnect yourself from all contacts

As much as possible, stay away from any contacts that link you to your ex. Keeping away from things and people that reminds you of him is everything you need. Never reach out to your ex’s friends for news or other unnecessary matter that would bring back all the pain. Modify your perception of the relationship and process your emotion.

3.       Permit Yourself to lament

More often than not, grief and sorrow overrule your heart, which usually controls your way of thinking right after the breakup. By permitting yourself to grieve and acknowledging that feeling is one way of processing your emotion that makes healing easier. Bear in mind, everything has a reason; grief and sorrow are not an exception.

4.       Defy all of your Negative Feelings and Ideas

Once you do it, you will continue doing it for a million of times. Allowing yourself to feel the grief after the breakup sometimes go out of control that often leads to depression. That is really predictable, for that, challenging all the negative feelings and ideas is your best armor. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, reaching with socially support groups, going out and meeting new people is a great help.

5.       Be Awfully Straightforward with Yourself

The best way to confront your negative thoughts is the plain and bland truth. It’s just like rubbing salt over the wound. The pain is excruciating yet it’s the only way to heal and bounce back from the breakup. Face the truth boldly why the relationship ends. Loving someone doesn’t mean you will be together forever. If you haven’t broken up just yet, chances are, sooner or later it is bound to happen.

6.       Open Up To All Things New

After a few weeks or months of mourning, it’s time to start trying to do things again. Meet new people.

After several weeks or months of grieving, it’s now the perfect time for you to explore new horizons. Go out and socialize. Try to fill out the empty space in your life, try something new like doing an adventure trip, backpacking, volunteering with a new set of friends. Just say yes to everything new: new faces, new projects, new places, and new adventure. Disliking them is not a prohibited though, but as much as possible try something which you haven’t done before. Above anything else process your thoughts and feelings.  

7.       Reach out

Reaching out does not mean you have to do the hustle to find yourself a date, but you need to engage with people you really care about. This approach is crucial since it will lead you back to your normal well-being, and remind you that there are still people who really love you.

8.       Keep moving forward

More often than not, the aftermath of a horrible breakup is the fear of opening up and loving again. However, this grief and excruciating pain has its way of opening new doors with greater opportunity. When you realize that the relationship is truly over, try asking yourself what you can possibly do which you haven’t done when you were still together. When you have the answer, go for it. Always bear in mind, “Keep moving forward.”













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