Spending a great experience, lack of strategic

Spending the better part of my childhood in three contrasting countries changed my outlook and broadened my perspective right from my teenage years.

I realized the value of acquainting oneself to new & different areas and the growth it can register in return. These values of mine motivated me to start my venture that went on to generate 680,000 Riyals; take my academic project to a higher level by publishing my papers & presenting at various competitions and work in two different domains of my family business. (I now believe that the Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Lund University would be the best next step to explore new frontiers and to meet the economical, managerial and ethical challenges of the increasingly uncertain world.

 )—-> maybe add later(The Master of Science in Management course at ESSEC Business School provides me with an ideal platform towards attaining my goals)—> another alternative Post graduation, in pursuit to grow my comfort circle, I took up a job in Qatar as Mechanical Project Engineer. I was challenged on every front as this role tested my skills of working in a cross-functional and multicultural environment. Executing the project on time, my hard work and skills were noticed. I was promoted to Project Coordinator and assigned to work on an infrastructure project under South Korean clients. Through these varied projects, I learnt to adapt myself to client demands and hone my project execution skills.

In order to get exposure to other fields of business, I also took up the role of Business Development Officer, where I got the chance to network with varied companies and hone my marketing skills. It was during this time that I noticed the potential to start a scaffolding and site safety services company. Through this entrepreneurial journey, I learnt various aspects of business from starting up to executing and managing day-to-day operations. Though it was a great experience, lack of strategic planning and economic crises that Qatar was going through, I had to stop the start up after a one-year stake. This made me cognizant of the fact that I needed a concrete understanding of various business aspects and entrepreneurship in order to take up a similar endeavor in the future. But in order to reach my goal, I believe that I require skills that a MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation program from Lund can help me develop. I am sure Lund University is the perfect place to realize my goals and aspirations for a multitude of reasons. (Having had an entrepreneurial experience, albeit short, I am very interested in the entrepreneurial activities that Lund has to offer to achieve my long-term goal of starting up a venture in my home country.

) Sten K Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship offers a very practical program where students get to experience a number of entrepreneurial activities, taking advantage of startup incubator Venturelab and other competitions such as Venture Cup and Leapfrogs. the strong relationship with IDEON science park is another added advantage. The flexibility of the program at Lund with European markets, giving an overall international perspective. Given the above, I firmly believe that Lund will be the right place for me to develop into a next generation leader and entrepreneur.

I am certain that my strong entrepreneurial background, international experiences, and ambition to contribute will make me a valuable addition to Lund.


I'm Mary!

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