Specific mathematical skill, all jobs require some numeric

Specific attributesJob-relatedattributesFor some job you need to have some necessary knowledge andskill for example sales representative need to have a clean driving license, heneed to have a good communication skill to convince client for buying hisproduct. WorkattitudesYour attitudes at works need to be Handsome, fantastic,generous and work ethic. if you have those good attitudes your manager will beproud of you (the worker) Goodworking procedures Working procedures can be called ‘good’ when they take intoaccount health and safety and security issues.

stiff you are unwell; you shouldstay off work until you recover.GeneralattributesTimemanagementTo manage your time perfectly you need to: Take control of your time l mean you need to know when to stay focus and when to play protect your time space – handling interruptions toughen up on together-time – making meetings work Teamworking Every team need team leader and each member of the team have aspecific role. It is important that everyone understands exactly what roles areundertaken by each team member, and that everyone in the team works welltogether. Being a member of a team brings responsibilities. Team spirit is animportant skill to have because that can help everyone in team to perform better. Numeracyskills Although few jobs require a high degree of mathematicalskill, all jobs require some numeric skills.

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If you need to do calculations,you must be able to do them accurately. You should be able to use a calculatorand to check your working by estimating the answer. During this course, therewill be occasions when you need to analyse data and then your numeric skillswill be put to the test.  Attitudes  Creativity Creativity is very important for every job because Employeesdream up ideas and think laterally and ‘outside the dream up ideas and thinklaterally a box’ can make major contributions to the box’ can make majorcontributions to the success of an organisation for example if because of yournew creative idea improve the benefit of the organisation your boss will beproud of your improvement and will reward you.

 Tolerance Tolerance is important in organisation because that help youto have a respect and trust between individual. that can create loyalty and productivity,both which are crucial for the organisation.Confidence The confidence is important for the organisation because youcan achieve everything and be different to other but if you lack of confidenceyour problem solving will be cautious however if you have the courage and thebest strategy you can overcome this problem  


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