Species between opportunistic and equilibrium populations is that

Species that are opportunistic produce millions of eggs due to the fact that they might have a limited chance of mating again. Equilibrium species are the carrying capacity for the environment, thus they don’t produce large amounts of young. Instead they look for stable environments to have their few young. The difference between opportunistic and equilibrium populations is that one disregards the environment when mating, with the knowledge that they may not get to breed soon. They have a lot of offspring because it is likely that it could be a long time before they have the chance again. Equilibrium populations prefer a safe, stable environment for their few young, they have the chance to mate and have young in a more assured pattern.

An example of an Opportunistic species would be insects. They are vulnerable to the environment, such as the weather, therefore when they have the chance, they will breed and have as many young as possible. An example of Equilibrium species would be most mammals and birds. Safety and food availability matter in this case, so they are more specific about the environment and the stability of it.

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