The education at school must also address their

The education must also help young students who encounter difficulty in learning to get employment.

It aims at providing complete training and education to such people to prosper in their practical life. The education at school must also address their particular needs in the area they want to specialize and work. Young people can participate in activities to enhance their learning skills, communication, ability to work in team, increase their self-confidence and esteem.Activities include sports, working in team collaboration, working skills, and workshops for practical learning.

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Her teaching techniques aim at providing awards and certificates for those working in child care. The main goal of the award is to promote, encourage, appreciate, and support those people who devoted their time in child care. It also addresses the positive role they can play in child care. These in turn can have constructive outcomes in child’s own life. This award is solely for those professionals and care givers who devoted their time in child care facility.Sally in her teaching suggestions intends to deter any movement depriving children of their rights. Schools must provide its services to children, young people and families regardless of their creed, cast, language, religion, gender, age and nationality.

She writes that teaching aims at providing special attention to the learning capabilities of students equally. In doing so, their endeavor is to guard and value privacy of every kid. Any information obtained from children is acquired with their consent.Confidentiality of each child is protected unless there is a dire need to pass out this knowledge for the safety of child himself.

The teacher must work in collaboration with other organizations to help promote child’s safety and support. Children and students can only learn to hate when they’re subjected to it. Initial abusive violence can result in physical violence. Teacher and students can easily tackle violence in class with these suggestions.

The teacher and educational institute must give complete care, education, health benefits and well-being of these children.Sally points to some simple and basic rules of life that if implemented wisely can resolve several issues and problems without getting indulge in a fight with others. She specifically uses psychological principals to apply her knowledge to understand different emotional situations through which children pass. As she had several years of teaching experience she shared many of her thoughts and discussed in details the emotional state of children and how such children feel from inside. Her advices are realistic and resulted from her own experience of teaching.ReferencesWords will not Hurt Me by Sally Ogden

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