Once a day, the first leader of the

Once a day, the first leader of the Islamic government, Mohammad Ebne Abdollah S.

A. was passing along a crowd of people, who all stand up as respecting him, like those who stand in front of arrogants. The Prophet S.A. prohibited them, and added: Whosoever likes the people to line up in front of him, and stand up for respecting him, he will be placed in the hell. 3.

Being economical and parsimonious is one of the other distinctions of the Islamic government, because it is responsible before God for any immoderation, wastage, extravagance, defalcation, cost bearing, and financial imposition on the Treasury of Moslems. Imam Ali A.S., who is the high manifestation of this attitude, writes to all governors and rulers: Sharpen your pens and write in small size. Put the rows close to each other, and reduce the distance, and avoid overwriting. Be content with expression of your meant. Generally avoid extravagance that Treasury of Moslems cannot tolerate it. It is just against the existing governments of world that their work is based on colonization, blackmail, plunder and dissipation.

Islam’s Prophet S.A. said: The worst treachery is engagement of governors of a nation instead of government. Imam Ali A.S. instructed to his governors general: You should take care of your subject functionaries by honest and secret inspectors, and if you found that they are a little declined from the basic purpose of government to business and treachery, punish and resign them. Thus the important point in the Islamic government is guidance not business.

4. Adjudication and overthrowing falsehood is one of the distinctions of the Islamic government. The governors and managers, who are appointed for the leadership of this government, should have moral condition, belief, and large hearted, paying attention to this objective. 5. Avoidance from any deception, trickery, demagogy, and deceit is the other privilege of the Islamic government. Because these affairs are just opposite points of fundamental objectives of the Islamic government, which should be based on enforcement and expansion of sciences and guidance of the society towards belief, and righteous morality.

The managers of the Islamic government are bound to reach their legal objective through legal means, and proper, and right ways. This is the great privilege, which does not exist in any other government.


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