Span loss of control with the superiors. 1.0.2

of control is the number of employees or staff members that report to one
manager in a hierarchy of the business. It is to identify how the business
makes their decisions and the process of time it takes for them to be implied
upon. There are two types of span of control: wide and narrow. Narrow span of
control is having a limited or small number of staff members under one manager
whereas a wide span of control is having many workforces reporting to one
manager. The narrow span of control allows a closer supervision and familiarity
with the employees, this increases effective communication between the levels
of hierarchy. Nonetheless, the superiors may also get too involved with the
employees work and favoritism may be a disadvantageous to the company, it is a
high cost method as it requires to hire multiple managers for limited staff
members to control. Whereas, the wide span of control the managers are forced
to delegate and take up more responsibilities, the aims and objectives are made
clearer to employees and leaders must be skillfully selected. The disadvantages
for this are that the superiors may feel burdened by the number of employees
that they are assigned to manage, which puts in risk the loss of control over
their management and it requires high quality managers to handle and look after
the tasks while taking care of the employee’s emotions and effectiveness (Hemmington,

1.0.1 Amazon

has a wide hierarchical organizational structure but unlike other companies
Amazon is malleable to familiarize recurrent fluctuations in the outward
marketplace. As it is one of the largest online market portals, the online
retail vision and mission accomplishment are their priorities and it needs
extensive control on the international e-commerce processes (Dudovskiy, 2017).
With a wide organizational structure, Amazon has been facing a few difficulties
with the hiring and vacancies of employees, promoting employees for management
positions has limited the amount of subordinates under managers. The
competitive intensity of the company is also faulted and they have faced many
problems due to their organizational structure (Meyer, 2017). The wide
structure is mostly beneficial when the company’s objective is to increased
efficiency while reducing costs and making sure that they are flexible to the
tasks they have to achieve their goals with but in return the managers are
burdened by the load of employees and this may lead to loss of control with the

1.0.2 Los Angeles Police Department

Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has a narrow span of control where only a
limited individuals are assigned to one supervisor (Bratton, 2008). As a police
service, the LAPD needs to stay alert and responsive of divided actions and
having too many individuals under one supervisor doesn’t suit their work
operations (Garcetti and Beck, 2015). The future plans for the LADP have foremost
concerns for the right number of subordinates under a managing supervisor, this
requires high control and familiarity with the members under the
superintendent, the field also necessitates a close supervision and providing
feedback almost instantly.  


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