Sound the waves move, the encountered fibers with

Sound is all around you everyday no matter where you are.

Whether your at home or your on the streets, at school, or at work, you can’t avoid it. Even when your sleeping you hear the bed creek when you roll around. Some sounds are quiet and others are loud.

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This brings us to what I’m going to talk about next, noise pollution. The definition of noise pollution is “loud or harmful level of sounds”. Those loud and harmful sounds effect humans, animals, and the environment. Noise pollution is harmful in a way because it can actually affect our health and behavior.

Noise pollution can damage psychological and physiological health. It can change our behavior by giving us hypertension, high stress levels, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, headaches, anxiety, and many other different harmful effects. The sound waves that the noise creates travels through our ears to the cochlea, the pressure of the waves then travels through a structure full of fibers. As the waves move, the encountered fibers with the correct frequency and energy are released. Next to the fibers there’s our hair structure. Once the fibers are released the hair cells move. Once the hair sells move it sends a signal to our brain and the cochlea.

If the sound is really loud the hair cells will move more and that can cause trauma to the cochlea because the sound levels are high. Which then causes permanent hearing loss.Not only does this affect humans but animals too, Marine animals to be specific.There are many scientists that are concerned for the health of the marine animals especially whales because they use hearing to survive by finding food, communicating and defending themselves.

And because there is noise pollution in the ocean caused by submarines, oil drills, and other vessels, marine animals get very confused and disturbed. Even if you own a pet if the noise levels are constantly loud the pet can change their behavior and become aggressive. But pets and marine animals are not the only animals effected by this. Animals that fly ( like birds ) are also effected by noise pollution. They are effected by noise pollution because of our air vehicles ( airplanes, helicopters, etc.

) because our air vehicles make very loud and disturbing noises when they take off, land, and even when they’re in the air. It effects them because birds use sound to communicate. So when they take off into the air it interferes with their communication, and reduces there pairing by almost 15 percent. Not only does this effect the environment but it does effect us economic wise. In December of 2014 it was estimated that the average social cost of England’s road noise is 10 billion £.

Sometimes they pay living residence because of the noise pollution that happens when building a road. Because noise pollution is a very common thing that happens everywhere the government is aware, especially after gaining countless complains about noise pollution back in the 1980’s. To try and reduce noise pollution the government decided to train community leaders. Because of this 63% of the United States of America is sound protected. Cultural and ethics wise, noise pollution is bad because of the following reasons: It’s not good for an animals healthIt’s not good for a humans health It’s not good for the environment Luckily there are many ways to reduce noise pollution. You can: Use earplugs Shut the door when using noisy machines Simply lower the volume Follow the limit of noise levelPlant trees because, trees are good at absorbing noise Use Noise absorbents And many more. So in conclusion noise pollution is something serious. Not only does it effect animals but humans too.

It’s not good for the governments or the people living in the country, but unfortunately there is no way we can truly fully stop pollution but we can reduce it. If everyone comes together and agrees this world will be a much better place because then not as many people and animals will be effected. There are many ways to reduce noise pollution as said before but not many people are using these ways. It’s not good for the environment, economics nor is it good for politics.

In fact there’s a quote that explains everything I’ve said perfectly. ” Be part of the solution, Not the pollution.” ~ the fresh quarters. Totals amount of words: 739 


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