Statement thinking about the different vocation alternatives

                                                Statement of Purpose

Introduction and Academics:

There is an old worldview that says, “To stay where you are, continue running”. Today I understand how obvious it is on account of unless we monitor the progressions and advances being influenced we to will be thought about untouchable. As I remain at the edge of finishing my undergrad examine, after deliberately thinking about the different vocation alternatives open to me I have chosen to go in for graduate examination that calls for individual responsibility in satisfying the specialties of free research and committed inclusion. Thusly, I should get scholarly fulfillment and satisfaction of turning into a benefactor of learning with inquire about, and the more prominent individual prizes of memory and revelation. Presently, very nearly fulfillment of my Under-Graduate Studies, I understand that my present information would not get the job done. I feel that unless one is savvy in his field, one can’t be completely fulfilled.


I likewise feel that “Each individual is conceived with an intrinsic pizazz, the minute your acknowledge it you turn into an awesome individual”. It was at secondary school that my interest for electronic devices combined with a want to be a gifted software engineer, provoked me to pick Electrical and Electronics as the major for my Bachelor’s Degree.


I was not content with simply understanding a wonder, but rather needed an ongoing background. This enthusiasm for consistent and computational reasoning drove me to take up Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my significant subjects at the Pre-University level in the wake of finishing my Schooling with %. I finished my pre-University training with %.


For my under graduate investigations, I have settled on ” Electrical and Electronics Engineering” in SRTIST College of Technology, where I locate my persistent examination has conveyed home to me firmly, that there is as yet a huge field that I should investigate and ace to accomplish my objective of being the best. The monetary innovative progression that is occurring in India would guarantee that I would have the capacity to utilize my skill, to make my nation a pioneer in the territory of Information Science and Technology. My skill in building subjects soaked up in me, an enthusiasm to seek after further instruction in this field.


Amid my undergrad thinks about, I understood that the educational programs was thorough. It gave a top to bottom hypothetical foundation of each subject, however that was insufficient for me. I required a program that would help me to get a more elevated amount of information, administration aptitudes and critical thinking capacity to handle the most different and complex issues.


It was my second year in school. I had an opportunity to take up PC programming and Networking as a major aspect of my educational programs. Despite everything I recollect the great circumstances I used to spend in the Computer Science lab composing out projects in C-dialect and Networking. Because of my advantage, I was granted with a decent evaluation in that subject. That is the point at which I came to realize that I had a characteristic slant towards PCs, which has now turned into a want, a main impetus to seek after my Masters in Information Technology.

During the last two years, besides the college academics I spent most of my time attending a number of extra-curricular workshops, seminars and conferences in different fields of computer science. I have acquired an excellent knowledge of programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, and .NET through certifications done out my self-interest. I have also found penchant for Network Security, Operating System and Data Structures. I also had the opportunity to present a seminar on OSI model of computer networking, during an intercollege competition.


Proficient Experience


After Graduation, I got an offer in MechTurbo as a Junior Electrical Engineer. From the previous 1.5 years I have been acting as a Junior Electrical Engineer. Parallely I wanted to seek after Masters in Australia. I




College of New South Wales is a state funded college built up in 1949 and is essentially situated in Kensington, being arranged not a long way from the focal point of Sydney, Australia. The college gives instruction to 50,516 graduate and college understudies and is home to 5,300 regulatory and scholastic staff. NSW is most outstanding for its scholastics in Engineering, Economics, Science, Commerce, Medicine, Combined Law, and Arts.


I am looking for a college which not just gives a decent air to inventive commitment yet which likewise offers a nearby presentation amongst understudy and workforce. I trust workforce availability assumes a key part in moving understudies to be enthusiastic about their fields of study and in keeping them from becoming debilitated from the workload or from troublesome issues. Other than the various assets and conductive climate, learning at your college would give me the chance to expand my viewpoint facilitate by interfacing with understudies and workforce from various nationalities and cultures.I emphatically trust that I have the fundamental fitness, teach and diligence in accomplishing my desire.


The University has World-class personnel, where Groundbreaking examination is embraced giving limitless future. The understudy group is various and lively. It has earned a notoriety for scholarly and look into magnificence. Its projects positively affect the world. Here gifted understudies get liberal direct help. The arrangement for assistance is focused and is America’s ideal. Understudies can procure a stand-out training here.


I try to learn at a place where the staff pioneers quiet care ideas, which reclassify drug store rehearse, where sweeping activities are taken in new solution treatments, where look into disclosures are felt in research centers the world over. It must show a promise to brilliance, and scatter new learning. I find that your place meets these criteria and this is the reason and premise of my inclination.


The University staff gives Cutting-edge research to pick up skill in sedate plan, tranquilize conveyance, and medicine treatment administration. Gaining from the individuals who serve on national advisory groups and sheets, which impact the course of research and social insurance approach will be an incredible lift for me. They endeavor ceaselessly to execute better approaches to enhance the strength of the general population.


I assumed that once an understudy is admitted to the College, he is allotted an individual scholastic guide who help in arranging plans and should endorse the courses which every understudy chooses. They additionally exhort on electives and help with deciding the best calendar. The counselor has a say in scholastic or individual issues, and is viewed as a close companion. He is intrigued and experienced to give assistance.

Why USA:

USA provides the best possible academic life and as my life depends on academics I feel it is ideal for me. I am at home with the atmosphere and usage of English. It facilitates improvements in technology and equips me with the knowledge of integrating technology with business to know the viability of a product. It makes the student a techno-manager and gives a global outlook. Interaction with students and faculty and a vibrant atmosphere make for great learning. It offers programs perfectly combining cutting-edge engineering courses with modern business practices and opens a new world of opportunities. It is flexible and provides considerable scope for career opportunities. It enables the student to seek employment in business and commercial fields

Why MIS?

Information technology is a further step to mankind.

From the past few decades, the capabilities of both generation and collection of data has been increasing in great pace. The main factors include the computerization in all the sectors such as business, science, government and management. In addition to these, the World Wide Web which is a global information system has loaded us with a tremendous amount of data and information. The present scenario of online banking transactions is a good example of the need of secure and convenient information system. This explosive growth in stored data has generated an urgent need for new techniques and tools that can intelligently assist us in the management of data and information. So, defining new methods and utilizing the present tools of managing information system in a more efficient way could be a flourishing frontier in the information field for the days ahead. Beside we should not forget: The need is great in the future.

The present world is surrounded by the data and information field. On one hand, these data present the potential for us to discover useful information and knowledge not seen before. On the other hand, we are limited in our ability to manually process large amounts of data to discover useful information and knowledge. So, the need of better tools and application as well as the reliable methods of utilizing the data and information is the eminent necessity of not only today’s world but the future also. The real-time processing and analysis of various data and information should be realized. There should be a constant evaluation of the system indicating relatively strong work handling capacity and expansion capacity; useful for optimization, reduction of management risks, and improvement of information efficiency.



“Ordinary people strive for living hood and geniuses strive to provide it for others also”. This is the way I look at life. In my perspective, the education you pursue and the job you do should help the needy in some way or the other. In my nearer future, I want to be in a good position by establishing my own firm and generate employment for others. Thus it will be a two way beneficial. If I will be able to do that I will become a role model for at least a few.


Reasons to Come Back to India:

It will be good to study in Australia and work as an intern for a while. Thereafter, I will come back to look after and support my parents who have stood behind me in every major decision of my life. Moreover, my family owns property assets in India worth INR 1,000,000. My parents are fast approaching their retirement in their respective fields and I would want to spend my time with the in this important phase of their lives. Also, the desire of working in my country, in a high paying job has always been a dream that I would want to fulfill.


Visa Subclass 500

I have studied and understood the following visa rules and regulations:

I can work up part time up to 40 hours per fortnight
 I need to maintain 80% attendance during academics
 I should pay my tuition fees by the census date of each term
 I should notify University of New South Wales and DIBP within 7 days of any change to my

Residential address

 I am not allowed to transfer to another university before completing 6 months in CQU
 I should maintain my OSHC for the duration of my student visa
 I have to score minimum of 50% aggregate in every semester



The decision of pursuing my Master of Information Technology at University of New South Wales in Australia is the most important decision of my life. It is going to involve a significant investment of time and money and I am well aware of my responsibility to work hard and do the necessary to complete my course and graduate so that I can pursue my dream. With high hopes, I am looking forward to joining University of New South Wales to fulfill my career objective of joining a top software company in India and develop a successful career in this industry. I hope my application for a student visa will be granted.




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