Sony gaming” approach to their consoles. This means

SonyPlayStation4 vs Microsoft Xbox OneWhatare the differences? History-The Xbox series is designed and produced byMicrosoft and there have been three major ones Xbox (2001), Xbox 360 (2005) andXbox One (2013). According to Microsoft, the idea of naming of the Xbox comesfrom the fact that they want the console to be an all-round entertainmentdevice, not just for playing video games but also to stream TV online andbrowse the Internet.-PlayStation Originally was a co-production betweenNintendo and Sony, issues between the two companies and Philips caused Sony toleave Nintendo and release the first PlayStation in 1994.

There have been fourmain versions of the console, they are called the PlayStation, PlayStation 2(2000), 3 (2006) and 4 (2013). Game Approach-From the release of the Xbox 360, Microsoft hastaken a “community gaming” approach to their consoles. This means that they’vefocused more on making an online gaming experience as smooth and seamless as possible.This means Microsoft and their associated developers have taken more of aninterest in multiplayer games, or games with a good online multiplayer mode.Something like Gears of War 3, or the default Call of Duty multiplayer.

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-Sony hasn’t really put a priority on this, at leastit hasn’t made it their top priority. With the PS4 the features are more on parwith the Xbox One: online gaming service/community, access to apps likeNetflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc. The games (on PS4) are also more focused onproviding a great story, rather than simply letting people play online. Somegames do offer online play and a great campaign mode (The Last of Us, MetalGear Solid V), but the game experience is centred more on the campaign than theonline component. Some games just include campaign mode just to have a campaignmode (CoD: BO2). Those where the campaign is short and not as satisfying toplay through as other games, but the online component is more extensive. DesignThe theme colour thatMicrosoft chose for its Xbox serious has always been green as seen from theoriginal Xbox logo and the game packaging.

Some Xbox One games will also run onWindows 10 if optimised for the platform and the Xbox controller is almost assimilar as the standard for gaming on Windows PC.Sony However has haddifferent design and theme colours throughout the years< the latest consolehas a blue design. The PS4 controller can be used as a gamepad to play on PC butit requires special software to do so.There is a lot of gameslike Battlefield, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Wolfenstein that arewritten and optimised for both consoles but each console does have exclusivesthat aren't available on the other platform or Windows.

On the Xbox you have Crackdown,Forza and the Halo series; on the PlayStation you can play clude Dead or AliveXtreme 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Killzone and the Uncharted series exclusively.Also, a lot of Japanese games are on PlayStation rather than Xbox.HardwareXboxOne: Chip manufacturer AMD is behind most of these upgrades. Boththe original Xbox One and the Xbox One S have a custom, 1.75GHz AMD 8-core CPU,while the Xbox One X bumps that up to a 2.3GHz 8-core chip.

Playstation4: the first version of the PS4CPU was clocked at 1.6GHz and contained a similar custom AMD 8-core CPU withx86 based architecture, but the PS4 Pro boosts that clock speed up to 2.13GHz.- The original Xbox One and the Xbox One S have both got the 8GB DDR3,but the PS4 and PS4 Pro both have the advantage of a faster bandwidth with the8GB GDDR5 memory, With The PlayStation 4 you can easily replace thestandard 500GB hard drive with another hard drive, with Xbox One however youcan’t do this. Both consoles support external hard drives.Media and DisksSony’s PS2 and PS3consoles built a huge audience just by those consoles doubling as DVD andBlu-ray players that were priced competitively with standalone devices atlaunch.

Microsoft with Xbox One S and Xbox One X was the first company tofeature Ultra-HD Blu-ray compatibility in its consoles.Ultra HD Blu-rays are thelatest and greatest disc format, and offer the best audio and video quality ifyou’re looking to watch movies at home. Online streaming is themost commonly used method of consuming media at home, and the Xbox One S, theXbox One X and the PS4 Pro are all able to handle 4K streams in Applicationssuch as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

 Price ComparisonPlaystation1994 – The SonyPlayStation went on sale in Japan for about $360 at the time in time forChristmas 1994.2000 – In March, the PlayStation 2 went on sale , The consoleoriginally cost a hefty £299 in the UK.2006 – The PS3was launched at the cost of £425.2014 – PlayStation 4 was first launched in North America in  November for $399. XBOX2001 – Xbox first ever console waslaunched on November 15th at the cost of $299.99.2005 – Xbox 360 with 20GB internal Storage was launched on November 22nd, at the cost of $399.

99.2013 – Xbox One S was launched on November 22nd inNorth America at the cost of $299.99.2017– Xbox One X with 1 TB internal Storage was released onNovember 7th for US$499.99 The best PS4 and XboxOne gamesThird-person games has usuallybeen Sony`s main focus in game exclusives, but Microsoft has produced a numberof high-profile racing exclusives.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One now have substantial gameslibraries. The PS4 has over 1,500 titles, of which over 450 are exclusives, butthe Xbox One has about 1,300 games, of which 150 are exclusives or console exclusives. Final ReviewI have included an overall comparison chart for abetter understanding of all the differences between PS4 and XBOX OneOverallComparison chart PS4 Xbox One              


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