Sometimes star that is close to the Earth’s

Sometimes the news spreads on the Internet that the earth will be destroyed on such a date :(These news creates a lot of panic in the societyOf course this is the end of the world and the solar system. It’s about both science or religion.Let’s not go towards the release, but let’s see why this world can be destroyed due to this;)One. Asteroid hit.

From the satellite, the small asteroid rocket is called asteroids. Its size can be up to a cm to a few kilometers. Every day the Earth hits about 100 tons of space dust and small stone blocks, but a 10-to-20-mile size asteroid is needed to destroy the earth or the human body.

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It also needs to be made of asteroid stone or metal. It will not be snow or dust. If you hit the water, the impact will be less. Today 60 million years ago, a 6-mile scale of asteroids caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. But the probability is very low at present. Also, with the help of space probe, it is possible to detect the occurrence of these events long before it happensTwo The sun’s energy is overIt will become red giant once our Parent Star, named Sun, will end the fuel. At that time the diameter of the sun will become so big that the earth will swallow. But this is more than 8 billion years left to happenThree Supernova explosion in Milky Way galaxyWhen the energy of 15 times higher than the sun is over, then the supernova blast occurs.

It is so strong that the energy that is produced in one second is more than the energy of the sun. Supernova Shock Wave and Charged Practical can burn all the life in the world, or the wind blows disappear and all the water can become vaporized. But there is not such a big star near the Earth that we can get infected like this. The star that is close to the Earth’s solar system is likely to be a supernova, which is IC Pegasite, which is 150 light years away. There is no possibility of any damage to the radiation that we have to say so far.Four. Changing the world’s magnetic pollEarth’s magnetic field changed after a few million years.

That is, the North Pole becomes the South Pole and the North Pole becomes the North Pole. It happens in very short time, so its fruit is not fatal, but it can be chronic. And if that happens then there will be huge losses on the life of the Earth. Such generators, electric motors, watches, compasses, transformers, and these will not work properly. This will stop the production of electricity so that many people will die. Besides, the harmful rays and charged particles coming from the sun will fall directly on the earth, which will cause massive damage.

However, there will be no complete extinction eventSo from now on it is not panic.


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