Some live through a lot of stress

Some stressful situations are not bad. At times stress helps us to survive experiences that are unsafe. Some children who live through a lot of stress develop into typically abled adults.

There are some children live through such extreme, stressful situations that they don’t have a chance to recover. This can have grim results for their developing brain. According to T. Singer, there are stresses that are good for us and stresses that are bad for us. We become stressed when our brain is activated. Our brain reacts causing a series of hormones to be released. Epinephrine or adrenaline is produced by the adrenal gland.

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This makes our heart beat faster and makes it hard to breathe. Blood flows to the brain and the muscles. This causes a reflex that tells us to fight or flee. The stress hormone cortisol then starts to flow. When we know that the event will end, such as riding a roller coaster, cortisol can be good.

It gives us energy to help us last through the stress. When the stress doesn’t end, and the cortisol continues to be produced, it can be dangerous.


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