Some see their reflection.A mirror represents one’s soul,

Some people tend to believe superstitions are no more than made up stories that have passed on from generation to generation. There are some who also tends to believe that superstitions are actually real. A popular superstition that has been argued for years is whether breaking a mirror is bad luck or not. When one researches on a breaking mirror it is plenty of articles that could help determines whether one believes in it or not. The history of breaking a mirror begins back in the Ancient Egyptians used polished copper to produce mirrors, and often the round face of the mirror would be embellished with ornamentation. The Ancient Mesopotamians also produced polished metal mirrors and mirrors made from polished stone were known in Central and South America from about 2000 BC. They got the idea from water when one look into the water a person may see their reflection.A mirror represents one’s soul, it reflects their life, so when a mirror is cracked it is the same as having bad luck or everything in one’s life falling apart.
The idea of mirrors and where they came from goes back to around 2000 BC. Some believe mirrors originate from South America but other sources may say China or Central America. The idea of mirrors came from looking at bodys of water like: ponds,rivers,and oceans. When a person looks into water they normally see their reflection just as if it was a mirror. Ancient myths tend to believe that your reflection in the water represents one’s soul. They believed if one takes the risk of hurting themselves it would endanger the person seen in the water. It was also common for one to suspect that mirrors have magical powers. The first mirrors created were actually hand mirrors in about 1 AD the large wall mirrors came into act.The one of the first man made mirrors were from polished stone and mirrors made from black volcanic glass obsidian.These kind of mirrors have been found in Turkey dating back at least 6000 years.Ancient Mesopotamians also produced polished metal mirrors and mirrors made from polished stone were known in Central and South America from about 2000 BC( The Ancient Egyptians were some of the first people to begin making mirrors. They would make mirrors out of polished cooper. Across the sea in China (also one of the first to make mirrors) made their mirrors using a mixture of tin and copper. People in that time referred to mirrors as a looking glass. The mirror’s today originated from the 19th century. In fact in 2006 Dr.Jay Enoch told Vision that the first mirror was produced 8,000 years ago in what is now turkey (
A question that is commonly asked ,where did the idea of 7 years of bad luck comes from? The most common answer one would find is that the mirror represents one soul and the 7 years of bad luck is a portentous event or a sign or warning that something usually bad or unpleasant is going to happen. Legend has is that mirrors contains a person’s soul ,so when you break a mirror the person’s whole life comes crashing down. In other words breaking a mirror is the same as damaging one’s soul ( a person starts to have bad luck it could simply thought as a act of payback or revenge if you will. Sources say the Romans believed it took 7 years for the luck to renew itself ( is also belief that breaking a mirror is only just a superstition passed down from generation to generation. It could be something happened to a family member after a mirror was broken and things started to seem as if they had bad luck so they blamed it on the breaking of the mirror. Which leads to what is now a largely talked about subject.
Ever wonder what does a mirror symbolises? The origins of the belief are centuries old but the idea that mirrors are supposed to show one’s appearance and one’s soul. Breaking a mirror is just the same breaking you soul. The soul, which is damaged, isn’t able to fully protect its owner from bad luck( in your life come crashing down and it seems as if nothing is going right for you. A Lot of the time that broken mirror may not be the case of why everything is going. Sometimes life has some bumps and bruises but it’s easy to blame a crazy superstition for being the reason why life is taking one for crazy ride. There are myths that mirrors have magical powers like being able to see how the future will be. Legends says breaking the mirror cancels out all of the mirror’s powers. Then the souls wonders away from the body and misfortunes are brought on the person who reflection was in it last or of the time it was being broken ( Breaking these mirrors was said to be brought by an unhealthy person looking into it(timelessmyths) . This would start the seven years of misfortune or bad luck. When the misfortunes starts is not just normal bad things happening , it’s also last all 7 long miserable years . It may seem that one’s luck may have finally got better but thats when life when the misfortune starts and bring you back in the dumps. One’s car might break down on the side of the road in the middle of a terrible storm ,and your phone is dead so one can not call for help. Leaving the person stranded in severe weather. Another instance a person may start having problems with school work ,and feel passing class is not an option . Once the person realize that this bad luck is ongoing one may then realize the cause of the bad luck is because of the broken mirror. The bad luck just doesn’t just go away after one bad thing happens or after a year.The bad luck varies from different types of because it out to seek revenge from the person who broke the mirror. Also if the a person with poor health looked into the mirror it would break it leading to a long faith of 7 years of bad luck . There are a couple of ways to reverse the bad luck. One of the ways of preventing the 7 years of bad luck is to bury the pieces of broken glass in the moonlight .One might even take the pieces of broken glass and place them into running water that could prevent the bad luck. The most efficient way to prevent the beginning of the 7 years of bad luck is to crush the pieces of glass up until the pieces are so small you can’t see a reflection. If the person who broke the mirror is limited on time they should just leave the pieces right where they are for 7 hours. The hours represent the each year of the term of bad luck. Lighting 7 white candles one night after the incident happens then when the clock strikes 12 p.m. blow the candles out using only one. Going to a graveyard and
And rubbing broken glass on a tombstone. Some say the easiest counter-remedy is to make the sign of the cross by a five-dollar bill ( One source saying take all of the pieces of the mirror and grind them down to dust and scatter it in the wind. Or take piece the mirror a piece just big enough where one could see a reflection and reflect a full moon in it. Depends on how close the reflection is the person could still have bad luck but only for a short amount of time.
In Russia and Kazakhstan, breaking a mirror evicts evil spirits from their home. They will haunt the person who caused the damage as an act of revenge. In feng shui, a broken or bruised mirror distorts good energy and some say a broken hand glass foretells of the death of an infant. In Switzerland, the last person to look in a broken mirror is the first to die, but others claim your misfortune depends on how the mirror breaks: If it breaks into small pieces, your bad luck will be small, but be afraid if your mirror breaks into large pieces! And once the mirror is broken, looking at your reflection in the shards is bad luck in India and Russia(
One may wonder, why is it 7 years of bad?Why not 7 days of bad luck or why not 7 hours of luck? Why the number 7 why not an even number like 6 or 10? Depending on the source different answers may come up. The whole principle of 7 years of bad luck comes from the romans. They believed it took 7 years for ones luck to restore. Some say palm readers in China believe that your destiny is renewed every seven years. Others believe the number (7 ) years comes from a christian belief of when God created the world in 7 days (
What happens if one breaks a mirror on accident? Does the person have bad luck even if they did not mean to break the mirror. It would be the same as if the person broke a mirror regularly. Part of the reason why this belief came to par was because when mirrors first were made they were expensive and hard to get so it was considered bad luck to break a mirror. To keep people from breaking mirrors the mirror breaking theory was created as a warning Recent researchers have discovered 13% of americans are superstitious. The most believed in superstition out of that 13% is the mirror breaking theory. Even though 13% is not much of the country’s population that is but that is 42,250,000 people who believe in superstitions (
Bedroom mirrors should not be facing the bed because some believe it is bad luck on the relationship. It is said to cause another person (male or female) to come in the relationship or in other words cheating or an affair. It also causes bad energy leading: to arguments, fights,divorces,trust some cases domestic violence. The mirror also jounces energy. It distracts a sleeping person at times. There’s belief that when humans are sleep that the human soul leaves the body but not forever. It returns before the humans wakes up. When the soul leaves the body the reflection of the human may frighten the person .Once the soul returns it could possibly be stolen by the reflection. Babies also should not look in the mirror. In the 19th century it was horrible to let an infant see their reflection in the mirrors . If an infant saw their reflection before they were at least a year old they would become bad adults and live a life of crime. Some believe the baby would even be at risk of losing their soul forever. If a baby sees it reflection in the mirror and smiles or gets happy then the baby will live a happy life. On the other hand if the baby looks into the mirror and cries or is frighten that’s a symbol of a bad path in the baby’s future .
A few other examples of mirror superstitions is if a person dies in a bedroom the mirror needs to be covered. It is bad luck for one to see their reflection in the light of a candle or do not have candles near mirrors. When a mirror falls on its on the elderly believe someone in the house is going to die (
If a mirror breaks by itself ,which is possible so do not think it can not happen. The person who lives in the house most likely will not have bad luck…. Unless the person did it and was unaware of it. The scary part about this superstition is if the person lives alone they could possibly be at risk of being the one to die. Now on the other hand if the person lives in a house which is full of people then it is recommended to make sure everyone has life insurance and to pray to the man upstairs. The thought of a mirror or household accessory containing one’s soul or future is very nerverecking. How bad could a mirror breaking on its own be that bad where someone has to die or have a bad future over it. It is not like any specific person was the cause of the mirror to break, so why should anyone have to suffer (
Now let’s slow down a little. What about people who do not actually believe in the superstition but just believe in it because of someone in their family. A online source from ( told how had in her childhood in Spain lead to her becoming very superstitious. She was raised by her grandmother who was very superstitious which lead to her being a superstitious person . This a example of how some people become superstitious because of others .
To close off this article there is a challenge for the reader.Does the reader believe in superstitions or are superstitions just made up stories used to keep people from doing certain things. Maybe these so called superstitions are just made to keep people insane or paranoid about certain things. In other words one could refer to superstitions as trends. All it takes is for one person to do something and have bad luck then everyone starts believing in it orhat was the cause of the bad luck. Like when the opening an umbrella indoors would cause bad luck. It’s likely it happened to someone once before and the bad thing that happen was unrelated to the umbrella being opened indoors. What if a student was typing an essay and was not able to turn it in on time then something bad happened. All it takes is for the students to go around telling some that they had bad luck because they could not turn in their essay on time . Now all of the other students are believing that if they do not turn their essays in on time they will have bad luck. Just that fast a superstition is started. Typically rumors turns into superstitions which in a lot of cases are not true or just made up with from the jump. As the old heads say lies are like kisses anyone pass them. During the course of this article the author has explained what is the history of mirrors such as where they originated from ,who were some of the first to make mirrors, what countries they came from,and who ethnic of people helped innovate mirrors. The author also told the the reader what does mirrors symbolize,and explained how mirrors supposedly contains one’s soul. Towards the end the author what one would have to do to either avoid getting the bad luck, or how to reverse the bad luck. At the end the article finalizes why is it 7 years of bad instead of a another number. With all of these key points Would the reader believe in the mirror breaking superstition or not only, they can make that decision.


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