Some where by on looks at and

people think that the term of reading is just to read the sentences or the
words of a text, a passage, an announcement, or other written information. Some
people think that reading is to get information from what they read. And some
say that reading is to understand what a writer means about the text they are
reading, or finding the main ideas of the text.

Even in this modern age of multimedia and high
technology environment, it is still the case that most of us rely on our
reading ability in order to gain information or expand our knowledge. McWhorter
(2004: 1) supports that  reading is an important part of each activities
because reading is the primary  means of reader to acquire ideas and gather
informations. While, Tarigan  (2008) states that reading is a process which is
done by reader to catch a  message which delivered by the writer through
words. The discussion of the nature of reading in general can not be separated  from different ways
of defining the term reading it self. Alderson (2000:3)  states that reading
is a process of interaction between a reader and a text.  During that process,
many things are happening. He defines
that reading is a process
where by one looks at and understand what has been written. They key word here
is understand merely reading aloud without understanding does not count as
reading. The readers not only
looking  at a print but also
thinking about what they are reading. It means that reading is an activity
which involve the text and the reader. When the reader try to understand and
comprehend the text, that what we call “reading”. Meanwhile,  McWhorter (2004: 2)
defines that reading is thinking. She also says that  reading is an active
process of identifying important ideas and comparing,  evaluating, and
applying them.

reading has been defined as a process where by on looks at and understand what
has been written, the reader does not necessary need to look at every thing in
a given piece of writing. The reader does not necessary need to look at
everything in a given piece of writing. The reader is not simply a passive
object, fed with letter, words and sentence, but is actively working on the
text, and is able to arrive at understanding without looking at every letter
and word. Reading research support the view that the efficient reader generally
reads in groups of words, not word by word, far less letter by letter.  

The reading activity involves one or more purposes
or tasks, some operations to process the text, and
the outcomes of performing the activity, all of which occur within some specific context. The initial purpose for
the activity can change as the reader reads.
That is  a reader may encounter
information that raises new questions and makes
the original purpose insufficient or irrelevant.  Finally, the outcomes of reading are part of the
activity. The outcomes can include an increase
in knowledge, a solution to some real-world problem, and/or engagement with the text. However, these
outcomes may or may not map directly to the
reader’s initial purpose in reading. Reading is a complex
process made up of several interlocking skills and processes.

reading involves an interaction between thought and language. It means that the
reader brings to the task an amount of information and ideas, attitudes and
beliefs. This knowledge, coupled with the ability to make linguistic
prediction, determines the expectations the reader will develop as he read.
Skill in reading depends on the efficient interaction between linguistic
knowledge and knowledge of the word.

From some definitions about the nature of reading
above, the researcher  concludes that reading is very significance for us
as student because it is  process how we obtain knowledge from written text.
Moreover, information  obtained can be applied in our daily life. In this
research, the nature of  reading is concerned with the study of
comprehending reading text, which is  intended to convince readers that we can comprehend
reading text easily by  using context clues. 




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