Some of the particular conditions under the constitution of 1876 that was drafted was

Some of the particular conditions under the constitution of 1876 that was drafted was,
1. The agrarian interest
2. The economy in the government.
3. The constitution was drafted by Edmund J. Davis.
4. The state government was under popular control.
5. The state government was under the popular control of the citizens.
These were the conditions under which the constitution was drafted in 1876. (Governing Texas 3rd edition Anthony Champagne; Edward j. Harpham).
Some of the main principles behind the constitution of 1876 was to create a popular sovereignty. The idea behind that was that the people are what give the government its power. The people wanted to decide what would happen in the government and they also wanted to vote for their representatives that they wanted in office. Another principle was to have checks and balances. The whole point of this is to make sure that each branch doesn’t get too much power over the other. One of the other principles were that the people wanted to have 3 different powers in the government which were a National, state, and local. Texas has one of the most confusing Constitutions since it has been amended so many times since it has been created. (Governing Texas 3rd edition Anthony Champagne; Edward j. Harpham). One of the other last principles is that they wanted limited government. Basically what that was is that everybody had to obey the law and no one can break them. If they did there would be consequences. Some of the most important aspects of the constitution that reflect the political philosophy of its framers are that they were Visionaries. The committee that drafted the constitution wrote it in such a manner that its principles and ideas would sustain the changing ways of point of views of different types of people and made sure it would be around for a very long time. . They wanted to tackle the challenges that the nation was having during that time but they also wanted to establish a foundation of principles that will sustain and help them with their new nation. The Constitution defines our freedoms that we have as citizens, such as freedom of speech, due process of law, cruel and unusual punishment and the free exercise of religion.( Democracy A journal of ideas “The framers Constitution by Geoffrey stone). When thinking about the framers philosophy they were people like us that wanted to have a fair and simple life for all. They were not perfect people but they did have a good heart with good intentions. The framers thought that the majority of the rule was the best system for its government, they did know that they were going to have some hiccups involved in it as well. They believed in the idea of having a democracy nation and not a tyranny nation which involves communism to where the government had all of the power. They also did believe in giving the people a right to have freedom of speech. They believed that the people should have the right to choose whether to be a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever they wanted to be as long as they are not promoting violence and they are obeying the law. The framers did understand that when they wrote the constitution in 1876 that they would have to entrust this to future generations to draw upon their intelligence and their experience to give meaning and to the principles that have been written in the constitution over time.

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