Solar to generate electricity and to cook

Solar technology is used to harnessthe Sun’s energy to meet our power demand.

The technology is based on the’Photoelectric Effect’ for which Albert Einstein got the Nobel Prize in 1905. Unlikefossil fuel solar energy is not going to run out, at least, not in the next 15billion years. Most importantly, it is the cleanest form of energy which is pollutionand noise free.

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In the last few decades solarsystem efficiency increased to 30%, solar panel cost decreased to $3 per watt.With these significant improvements over time, solar technology is not confinedin non-commercial installations anymore. It is now found on artificialsatellites, UAV, cars, green houses and corporate buildings.Scientistshave taken it further. The world has a large area of roads and concretesurfaces exposed to Sun. Scientists are planning to pave roads with solar modules. If theproject succeed the roads would be able to generate electricity, melt snow, directtraffic and even drive cars.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Like the rest of the world solartechnology is also very popular in Bangladesh. People in Bangladesh  use solar panels mainly to generateelectricity and to cook food. Even though the government has taken anunthoughtful proposal of imposing 15% VAT on solar panels the country has installedthe largest number of ‘Solar Home systems’. Nevertheless Bangladesh still hasso much to improve. There is no solar panel fabrication facility in the country.Users are to import panels at a higher price which is not affordable foreveryone.

It is necessary to do more research on solar technology in theuniversities. The scientists and researchers may show their potentials if theyget the funding.


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