SOCIOLOGY addition to this, it also helps to

SOCIOLOGY MEDIA ANALYSISIn this analysis I selected television and newspaper to discuss about the importance of media in today’s life. Firstly, I am going to describe about television which is one of the prominent part of electronic media. Television came into existence in late 1920s. Since then its popularity increased day by day. It is an important medium of transmitting education, news, advertisements etc. With the passage of time it became primary medium for influencing public opinions. It mainly shows what is happening in the society.

In addition to this, it also helps to advertise various products which are launched in the market. Whatever a program is shown on the television is paid for the production first and then only licensed producer is able to telecast a program for the viewers. Television genres has different types of programs for the viewers like various knowledgeable, entertainment, news, comedy shows depending upon the choice of the viewers. However, cost of genres varies from program to program such as entertainment genres are expensive as compared to other shows. Due to these reasons television became powerful as well as attractive medium of advertisement as well.Now I am going to discuss about newspaper. It was first published in late 1600s.

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It is a kind of print media which covers a lot of written information about recent news and events. It mainly covers variety of news, articles regarding politics, sports, business etc. in which different people share their views and opinions. It has specific column for every portion like weather forecasts, public opinions, advices, birth notices etc. Moreover, newspapers are traditional, cheap form of media prevalent in many parts of the world.

It is published daily or sometimes weekly. It mainly follows a magazine format. Some of the newspapers typically publish an international as well as national news article which is accessible to public. Some of the newspapers are owned by the government while some of them are private. It plays pivotal role in order to broaden knowledge and keep everything updated. Public remains in touch with various new developments, news, advancements taking place in any corner of the world. Its popularity helps a lot in shaping public opinion.

MEDIA’S MAJOR THEMES AND PERMISES All in all it can be noticed that media’s major theme is to make everyone familiar with their surrounding society. They are kind of organs of society which are essentially required for the overall development of society. Nowadays, media became an important source of communication within public.ANALYSIS ABOUT HOW MEDIA IS PORTRAYING CULTURAL NORMS/VALUESMedia is one of the important parts of the society.

However, it is affected by violence, gender stereotyping etc. but still it is a debatable issue that in reality what influence it the most. It is sometimes noticed that media has strong effect in shaping youth’s social identity. It is well known that one is not born with identity; it is a socially constructed attribute.

In other words we can say that is a mixture of internal and external factors. Media outlets like television, newspaper, and internet are considered as an important tool for cultural change. Formation of identity as a social concept is being changed globally across the world. As per the survey most of the younger generation spends approximately 6 to 7 hours on internet which weakens their social relations. Moreover, in some countries women are considered inferior but by the influence of media their status raised so high. For example, a girl named Malala Yousafzai was born in very conservative family where women were not allowed to work or study. But by the influence of media she realized the importance of study and raised the voice against it. She did lot of works for women empowerment by breaking several gender stereotypes.

She is from Pakistan and now due to her good works she has been awarded with noble prize.FUNCTIONALIST THEORY OF MEDIANowadays, media’s important duty is to make public aware about current news, business, sports, weather forecast etc. In this huge society media acts as a bond to keep everything stabilize and interconnected.

In addition to this, it also acts as powerful agent of socialization as it transmits basic norms/values as well as society’s cultural heritage. Moreover, media provides real image of society by acting like surveillance of the social environment. SYMBOLIC INTERACTION ON MEDIA Media has become basis for understanding different views and opinions in society. It is a kind of social construction in which people understand reality. It makes the people in society closer to each other and reduce gap between various classes, gender, cultural background etc.CONCLUSIONOverall, it can be concluded that media has both positive and negative outcomes. It provides immense information about every issue, in other words we can say it is a pillar of society.

But in some circumstances it can be the cause of communal disputes. Sometimes false news and advertisements are published which can be the cause of violence. Every news and TV shows leaves a strong impact on public.

When we talk about print media such as newspaper, some people are illiterate. So they are not aware about their society. At last it can be said that rather than publishing fake news, they must form their own opinion and judgment.


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