Society what makes individuals commit suicide the

Society today has different ways individuals can communicate with one another then when telephone booths were invented. People have many ways to communicate for example phones, facetime and social media but some people can use these useful technology in a negative way like harassing. Harassment can be tough on people that can’t cope with negativity.

What harassment can lead people to do is even take their own life. Because there are certain individuals that can’t cope with harassments they try to find a way out of this situation. There are many different types of harassments and there are many are many ways to do it but the most known harassment happens on social media. “Cyber harassments can have harmful effects on social media user, such as emotional distress and consequently withdraw from social network sites or even life itself ” (Laer 2013). Using social media affects adolescents friendship, identities, cognitive growth, and health. Social media has demonstrated to have links with adolescent depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and personality disorder. Many of these causes can lead to the users to take their own lives because of the things they go through on social media.

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The negative posts shown on social media about a user can also lead that individual to hurt themselves. However cyberbullying is what makes individuals commit suicide the most.Many people get bullied in school, but cyberbullying is also accruing. Social media has become a place where people get shamed and made fun of. It also has become a huge deal. A complicating factor is that the three characteristics that define bullying do not always translate well into digital behaviors, qualities specific to digital environments often render cyberbullying and bullying different in circumstances, motivation and outcomes (Donnerstein, Englander, Kowalski, Lin, Parti 2017). There are many reasons why one would harass someone on social media, but another harassment is when people try to discover themselves gender wise.



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