Social: pro-social skills such as helping, sharing,

Social: I will encourage the social development of every child and plan activities that the children can come together and communicate with each other.I will create group activities that bring children together with other kids.

Each time I will choose different children in group activities that they can make new friends. To achieve this goal I will create a class game and fun activities that all children can come together and have fun activities. I will find resources and books that can make easier to explain to children being social and making friends is fun. I will ensure that activities bring children together and they will socialize. I will be social with parents and communicate with everyone who is involved in this program. I will always try to develop pro-social skills such as helping, sharing, etc. Guidance: My goal to encourage positive guidance to children and family.

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I will ensure that parents and children know if they have any question, concern they can come to me and I will do my best to support them with their concern and provide positive guidance to succeed. I will encourage them to be confident and always know their self-worth, the strength to chase their dreams. I will encourage them to succeed by performing a skill with slow and simple. I will guide children how to make decisions about self-control and self-discipline.

CSIII a: I support the development of children’s positive self-concepts and growing social-emotional skills by ensuring that they feel loved and safe. I will listen to children’s opinion and their concern that they will feel valued their opinions and concerns. Lev Vygotsky was concerned about social interaction and play. He described how children perceive parents behavior and speaking and try to imitate them.CSIII b: My philosophy is to guide children’s positive behavior.

I believe that praising them when they do anything good that leads to better behavior in children. I think some children may have challenging behavior but, I feel that giving attention to good behavior that they feel proud of themselves.


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