Social of using Social Media as tool

Media  has picked up validity throughout
the years as a trusted wellspring of data and stage where associations can
connect with audiences.As per usage statistics accumulated amid recent studies
on Social Media and Education, it has been found that 65% of all grown-ups that
are equal or above the age of 16, have an account on atleast one social
networking site. 


brings to us some very important questions. Do we need Social Media to play a
role in education? If Yes, how can we go about it?


answer to these questions is quite simple, Social Media is everywhere. It is
something that can be made accessible even in the remote areas if we are
determined to use it as a tool that can be used as a highly effective platform
to learn and grow thus emparting knowledge and spreading education to the ones
using it.

could argue that Social Media and Networking can become a distraction which in
many cases is true, but it is the same thing as saying that a knife can also be
used to kill a person as opposed to cutting vegetables.

long as we make sure we are using these Social Networking sites tailored to
provide educational stuff and do not misuse it we are great to go. The
positives of using Social Media as tool for educational purposes are countless.


are some of the benefits that the Teachers and Students can take advantage of while
using Social Networking sites for Educational purpose :-


helps in the formation of a unit or a class that has a certain educational
objective which it has to achieve collectively.


performance of every individual in that class can be monitored effectively and
efficiently. This helps in assesing which students need more attention and how
the teachers may help them in order to bring them to the desired level.


can post their assignments online for the teachers and the teachers in turn can
have a look at every student’s assignments and keep a record of their
performance throughout a course.


questions becomes very easy as students can post their doubts and questions
online and the teachers can respond to all of them so that they are available
to the whole class.


can be made interesting and fun at the same time with regular quizzes and
competetions taking place. Students are motivated to perform and consequently
also learn a lot of new things.


Almost every
information about everything is available on the world wide web for us. This
can be very useful in conduction of a research as data collection becomes very


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