Social relating to society which is derived from

Social media is competitively a new media. Social media is a combination of two words social and media. The word Social means relating to society which is derived from a Greek word “socii”.  And Media is derived from the Latin word medium which means as a instrument hence it can said social media is a instrument for society. And it’s main objective is to be a medium for society to be connected. The main purpose of social media is to achieve the ultimate goal of connecting every human on a worldwide basis through various digital platforms. Human is a social animal.

Hence communication and building relationships becomes a primal need of a human. Relationships are the way in which two or more people or things are connected. With the advert of digital age various social media platforms have emerged and everybody and everything is getting digitised so is human relationships.

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The objective of this paper is to discuss the impact of social media on human relationships co?creation in the communication process. A human relationship co?creation denotes an active, creative and social collaboration process between two or people or groups, facilitated by a society and all its fragments as a whole. The paper proposes to develop conceptual arguments how social media can impact the relationships among humans involving the human psyche as well as the various relationships a human plays in the society. Social media can make human relations more collaborative and social, but interestingly may also turn relations formerly based on social?exchange.

Another factor the paper tries to focus on is the relationship of human as a customer to a brand.The paper also focuses on various age groups and affects on their relationships due to social media. Like how teens follows social trends which are more acceptable in society and helps in forming better relationships, What the paper suggests is that each form of social media has its own biases in terms of the kinds of communication it facilitates and the social consequences and rewards it has for users and how it affects the communication process. It also suggests that users do not completely replace human interaction to various forms of social media  because each form supports unique communication needs that the other cannot completely fulfill. To examine the extent to which different types of social media fulfill different fullfillment of forming a effective human relationship and what are the reasons or difficulty faced while forming a relationship. The paper focuses on examining the relationship between use of social media apps or sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as popular online social network sites, and the formation and maintenance of social capital. In addition to assessing bonding and bridging social relationships, we explore a dimension of social capital that assesses one’s ability to stay connected with members of a previously inhabited community. Also why use of Facebook has the strongest relationship being to bridging social capital.

In addition, Facebook usage was found to interact with measures of psychological well-being, suggesting that it might provide greater benefits for users experiencing low self-esteem and low life satisfaction.


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