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Social media makes everything move faster. In turn, it allows for companies increase their speed of communication. Social media users always want to keep up with the latest and greatest news and information. Social media allows marketers to share fresh content instantaneously with its users. Consistency is crucial. Visitors are much more likely to return to the page if they can anticipate that the brand will have added something new (Tierney et al. 6). This is an advantage to marketers because typical methods of marketing involve a lot of time and effort before they can share the content with their audience. Social networks allow companies to instantly execute their campaign and share it with millions of people, all over the world, with just one click of the mouse. Unlike traditional methods of advertising, when marketing on social media, marketers can quickly alter the content of their message. With traditional methods, once the campaign is released into the world, it is unable to be changed.

The greatest part of social media, for marketers, the millions of millennials who are constantly tuned in to the various forms of social media. Throughout the past decade, millennials have completely integrated themselves into the technological world. This creates a prime opportunity for marketers to target their age group. Social media’s influence over their purchase decision has become so strong and powerful. According to Jimmy Rohampton, Millennials, compared to any other generation, are three times more likely to turn to social media to make a purchase decision. Millennials have an immense amount of influence on one another, and strongly value the input that they receive from their peers. Because of this, they have such a vast influence on marketing throughout social media. Millennials are known to be some of the most brand loyal customers. According to Meredith Verdone, millennials spend about $1.3 trillion every year. This makes them the highest spending generation recorded in the United States (Verdone). Millennials will be expected to eventually consume the entire marketplace. Brand engagement and peer discussion are the keys that marketers need to make their brands memorable on social media. Focusing on these factors is what marketers need for their campaigns to stick in the minds of millennials.

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