Social has some drawback too which will be

Social media like facebook, twitter, viber, messenger and so on plays a vital role in the market area as well as in the society. Due to this every people of the world gives first priority to the social media for their development of business. Similaray, social media marketing has good impact on society which will be discuss in this essay about increase of brand awareness, cost-related, target customer etc. Through social media provide a good opportunity for the marketer and consumer at the same time it has some drawback too which will be illustrate below.
The first advantage of the social media marketing is that it increases the brand awareness. When some company spread information of brand or product in the internet the owner get the quick respond because it used different terms as post tag, dig and blog which allows being used by customers and also the product or brand will reached every corner of the world which helps the company or the owner of the product or brand to be popular and sell it quickly. This advertises reached million of people and from that thousand or more than millions of people can order the product by online. Social media marketing really help the company to make the more profit and sell it without any problems and difficulties. It is true that social media can provide a lot of facilities to the marketer as well as it is also important to advertise some product that customer like in which the seller must notice and check each an everything that it is good quality or not, whether it is useful or not for buyer and so on there are many people who have use the product but did not like them so this type of customer leave the negative comment in the internet which can affect the product value or can lose many customer. It happens when someone used it but the services and the quantity is not good enough for making the customer happy and satisfies.


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