Social media allows consumers to rally together

Social media has transformed our lives in many ways.

One way social media has impacted our everyday lives is how we send and receive information. Social media allows consumers to rally together and voice their concerns about issues that matter to them. Social media has required many organizations to improve their public perception, in order to compete in today’s global market. In my organization, Anthem Inc. has made social media very useful. Anthem uses social media to attract new talent, engage with our valued customers, market new products, and manage their public relations.

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In comparison to other industries the health insurance industry has been slower to adapt in using technology in their business processes. This is a direct result of the government regulation of the healthcare industry. Personal health information is legally required to be protected by healthcare providers, and many health insurance organizations have struggled on how to share information and abide by the laws set in place to protect consumer privacy (Walker, 2017). Anthem recognizes the need to engage with their diverse consumer base.


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