Social media can be described as series of internet based applications that allow for the
collaborative sharing of ideas, experiences and opinions through user generated content
(Freeman and Chapman, 2011, Ahlqvist, Halonen and Heinonen, 2008).
Social media differentiates from traditional media in many ways, in particular, flexibility,
frequency, reach and quality (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010). Perhaps more importantly of all
though, is the ability for two-way social communications, which allows for flexible and on the
go interactions. Constantinides and Fountain (2008) identified five categories of Social Media,
which have various levels of interaction, Blogs, Social networks, content communities,
forums/bulletins and content aggregators.
A blog is a webpage where readers can post and share opinions about a specific topic, many
blogs are usually open to the public. A blog is used by businesses to improve customer
relationships and is described as a powerful marketing and communication tool that is simple to
use and maintain (Halligan and Dharmesh 2010)


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