Social Marketing
is intended to bring change in individual or society through behaviour or
social change. It requires the activation of people for being effective. The impact
of social marketing was felt way back in 1951 in USA and there on. Now-a-days social
marketing is being effectively used in developed and developing countries as an
important strategic tool in public health care system.


Eradication of
Polio program popularly known as Pulse Polio (do Boond Zindagi), Anti-Tobacco for
Cancer Prevention, use of contraceptives for safe sex and population control
are some common examples which are part of our life and seen through advertisements
or celebrity endorsements or campaigns or SMS etc are some of examples of
social Marketing. The main challenge of social marketing is individual outreach
for counselling and health education programs due to availability of limited
resources. Further it is complicated by local factors like religion, beliefs, practises,
ethics, individual or collective behaviour, diversity, demographics in a region
or a country.


Basic concepts
of social marketing


Concepts in Social
marketing are basically derived from traditional marketing. It focuses on
non-tangible products like ideas, behaviour/ attitude or lifestyle changes.
Sometimes there are blurred lines between social marketing and traditional marketing.
Stead et al (2006) has mentioned that social marketing can be applied both upstream
and downstream.

Stead et al
(2006) have mentioned four key features of social marketing

behaviour change (no force or pressure)

Changes are
induced by applying the principle of exchange

Marketing techniques
like segmentation, targeting , positioning , consumer oriented marketing research
and use of Marketing mix

Goal of social
marketing is to improve the individual welfare and society.

Social Marketing
is applicable in many areas  eg, Alcohol
consumption, health care, Obesity , drunk driving , hand hygiene, contraception


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